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Tosowoong 4D Vibration Smart Clean Pore Brush | Review

Hello lovelies, I'm back with another product review.

I had allergic reactions on my fingers from band-aids in January, and it lasted for three weeks. Back then, I was told by a doctor to keep my hands dry at all times and wear gloves when coming in contact with water. For the first two days, I tried washing my face with gloves and it hurt my face, so I stopped using a facial cleanser. I only washed my face with water for the next few days, and I ended up with breakouts. From then, I know I can't continue washing my face with only water, so I got this electric face cleanser brush to help me out which I'll be talking about today.

Tosowoong Vibration Smart Clean Pore Brush is a three-dimensional waterproof electric face cleanser featuring a micro-fine brush that reaches deep into pores to cleanse thoroughly, restoring skin's cleanliness and vitality. It is designed for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

The packaging is rather simple.

The set contains the body, brush head, brush cover, batteries and an instruction leaflet in English and Korean languages.

The body is made of plastic and feels a little heavy with battery inserted. Here are some pictures of the device:

The brush head is interchangeable. You can choose between a brush or a sponge puff head. Sadly, the set only comes with one attachment, so the other one you have to buy it separately.

It is battery-operated and powered by two AAA-batteries, which is widely available making it very convenient.

Directions: Moisten your face and the brush. Apply an adequate amount of cleanser onto the brush. Power on the device and start cleansing from the cheek to the nose, chin to forehead in a gentle circular motion. It is recommended to cleanse each area for only 12 seconds. The cleansing process for entire face should take about 1 minute.

Tips: Rest the brush on your face and move in a gentle circular motion without applying any pressure.

Tried and Tested

The handle of the device fits the palm of my hand comfortably. The bristles are very fine and soft and do not prick or scratch the skin; and also the vibration feels very gentle on the skin. Suitable for sensitive skin and to use on a daily basis.

I find this device works great with my cleanser (Etude House AC Clean Up Daily Cleansing Foam). I just put a dime size amount of cleanser on the moistened brush, and it lathers up into a rich foam that deeply cleanses and gently exfoliates my skin to rid all dirt.

I have been using this for five months. So far I haven't noticed any decrease in blackheads on my nose, but I noticed a decrease in my acne. I used to get whiteheads very often, but I'm not getting any after using this. My skin feels a lot more clean and brighter than before. So I would say it does the job of cleansing and it cleans better than manual cleansing.

It claimed to be waterproof, but I found tiny droplets of water can seep into the device through the gap around the ON/OFF button. I'm not sure if prolonged exposure to water would damage the device. Mine has been exposed to water for five months, and it's still working fine. Just make sure to let it dry after each use.

Overall, it lives up to what it promises, and it's a cheaper alternative to Clarisonic. If you are looking for a budget-friendly electric face cleanser, you can give this a try!

Summary & Overall Performance Rating (☆☆☆☆☆):

Product: ★★★½
The quality is good except for the problem of water seeping into the device. Minus point for that.

Gentleness: ★★★★
The bristles are soft and the vibration is gentle too. It doesn't irritate my sensitive skin.

Effectiveness: ★★★★★
Excellent! Cleanses well and helps to keep acne at bay.

Easy To Use: ★★★★★
Yes! And it uses regular batteries which are convenient to use and widely available.

Pricing: ★★★★
The set (1 body + 1 brush/puff head) costs ₩65,000 (~SGD$80) in Korea. I bought it during a sale for below SGD$60. I think it's reasonable and very affordable for such quality.

Overall Rating: 4/5

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