Friday, June 09, 2017

The Face Shop x DISNEY Ink Gel Stick | Review

Hello guys! I'm back with another overdue review. Before I jump into the review, I have something to say. In my previous post, I mentioned that I lost my Line account. So I've lost all data including contacts. Today, I finally recreated a new Line account using the same ID. If you have any question, you can add me on Line (ID: bitsdiaries) and drop me a message.

Let's get back to the review. Please excuse the year stamped on the pictures.

The Face Shop x Disney Ink Gel Stick is a saturated lipstick that gives highly-pigmented color, and the color stays true just like ink. It contains safflower seed, rosehip seed, and European plum seed which helps to moisturize the lips.

The Disney-themed Ink Gel Stick is available in three shades:
- CR02 Coral Overalls
- OR02 Orange Shake
- RD03 Red Pants

And I picked the shade RD03 Red Pants.

Isn't the packaging to die for?! Look at that Mickey's ears! It's so adorable!

I actually bought this because of the packaging. Besides the cuteness, it's lightweight and slim, which makes it travel-friendly. Absolutely love it! By the way, I'm thinking of reusing the tube container on DIY lipstick once the lipstick runs out.

It uses micro-rising tube container which is specially designed for the super glide formula. One revolution twists up to 0.5mm of lipstick.

Directions: Simply twist up the lipstick bullet and spread evenly starting from the center of lips.

Caution: Do not twist up too much!!! I twisted up fully, and I can't twist it down.

Tried and Tested

It has a soft and sleek texture that glides on effortlessly, but I find it is hard to apply evenly. RD03 Red Pants is a beautiful red color. Very pigmented and intense as promised.
Instead of swiping the lipstick over lips, I recommend using a lip brush as I find using a lip brush can create a more even finish.

It tends to sink into the lip lines and look dry as the day progresses. So if you have dry lips, prep your lips beforehand. For lasting, the color stays on super well. It certainly does fade when you eat or drink, but it leaves a stain of color on lips. The stain remains even after I used makeup remover.

Summary & Overall Performance Rating (☆☆☆☆☆):

Packaging: ★★★★
Compact and cute. Minus star because of the problem with the twist mechanism.

Color Pay-Off: ★★★★★
Very pigmented!

Glossiness: ★★★
Subtle shine.

Moisturizing: ★★½
It feels moist in the beginning but highlights dryness as the day progresses.

Long-Lasting: ★★★★½
Superb staying power!

Overall Rating: 2.5/5


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