Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Etude House Hot Style Photo Hair Liner | Review

Gosh... I don't even know how to start this post. It's been nine months since I last wrote a blog post...and honestly, I have forgotten how to write a blog post. Lol.

For the past nine months, I was in China. And I did plan to update my blog while I was there. But I didn't know some websites like google, blogger, twitter and many more are blocked in China. Apart from websites, Line app is blocked too. The only way to access to these websites and app is to use a VPN, which I don't use. So that's the reason why I haven't been updating and replying to your messages.

And also, I lost my cellphone while I was in China. I know someone registered a new Line account using my sim card no., which was formerly used to register my blog Line account, causing my account to be deleted. I know it because I received a notification on my another Line account saying a new friend named "Ezio" was added... Therefore, I'm sorry, I can't reply to all the messages sent through Line. They were all gone. Some of you sent me emails asking why you can't add me as a friend on Line and this would explain why.

Now I'm back! I will continue to keep this blog active. Just thought I'd let you know, I have a whole lot of overdue reviews to post. Today I will start off with a hair product.

(P.S.: Please excuse the year stamped on the pictures. I was supposed to post this review last year, but I can't access to Blogger, so it got delayed until today.)

Etude House Hot Style Photo Hair Liner is a dual-type pencil that helps to camouflage bald areas and make it look less bare. It's available in two shades dark brown and light brown. I got it in dark brown.

It comes in a retractable stick with two ends, liner tip and sponge tip.

How To Use:
Using the liner tip, draw a few lines on bald spots, then blend it evenly with the sponge tip.

Tried and Tested

The liner has a crayon texture, and it glides onto the scalp smoothly.

My mom has very noticeable bald spots, so let me try the liner on her. Here's the before and after pictures:

As mentioned earlier, I got it in the darkest shade, which is dark brown. My mom has blackish-brown hair, and if you look closely at the after picture, you can tell it doesn't blend too well with my mom's hair color. I tried to layer it up to make it darker, but it turned out to be a disaster as it tends to become patchy leaving an unnatural finish. So if you have other hair colors besides light and dark brown, this may not suit you.

In terms of coverage, it's pretty good. It does cover up bald spots creating an illusion of fuller-looking hair. For longevity, it's not very long-lasting as it does fade throughout the day, especially when the scalp gets oily and sweaty. Well, it's called "PHOTO hair liner" for a reason. If you need it for a photo, I think this is a good solution.

Overall, it does what it promises.


  1. Ashley! I miss you a lot especially to hear for your posts. Seems i am missing you for a loong time😩 and have less motivation since you were gone

    1. Aww... thanks for your support! It meant a lot to me<3 I'm back on Line. If you need someone to talk to, add me (id: bitsdiaries) and drop me a message. xo :)


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