Tuesday, April 12, 2016

What's In My Bag?! | 2016 Edition

Hello folks~! Today I'm sharing "What's In My Bag". Well, I did this last year and some of you requested for 2016 Edition. So here it is!

Before I show you what's in there, let me show you my bag.

This is the bag I'm currently using everyday. It's a small backpack from Charles & Keith and is available in a few colors. I got it in black because I wanted an everyday sort of bag that goes with everything. Here's more pictures of the bag:
(Source: Charles & Keith website)

By the way, the bag tag is actually a mirror. ♥

For more information on this bag, visit http://www.charleskeith.com/sg/bags/ribbon-detail-backpack-black-ck2-20780150.html

Here's an overview of what's inside my bag:

Without any delay, let's start spilling the secret contents of my bag.

1. Black Wallet from Kate Spade, which I received from my friend last Christmas. Perfect wallet for small bag.

2. iPod Classic (6th generation) and Beats earphones. The iPod has been with me since Year 2008, and it's still going strong. It has 120GB of storage space, so I also use it as an external hard drive. By the way, I've dropped it multiple times and surprisingly, it's still working perfectly fine. Very very sturdy! Hah!

3. Keys

4. Tissue + Coin Pouch from Thailand's brand NaRaYa. This is where I keep my keys.

5. New Nintendo 3DS XL (Metallic Blue) and Pouch + the game "Story of Season".
This is my stress killer. It takes away my boredom too. Hehe~

6. iPad Mini 2. This is the device I use to LINE Chat with you folks. Sometimes I use it to write my blog post as well.

7. Some snacks:
- Chocolate Pocky. I have been addicted to pocky lately. There was actually 2 packs, but I ate one. Tee-hee!

DID YOU KNOW?: Pocky products tend to taste differently, depending on the manufacturing locations. I highly recommend to get Made In Japan ones because nothing beats the authentic taste.

8. Spectacle Case with missing spectacles hahaah. I didn't include my spectacles in the picture because I'm wearing it. I normally wear contact lenses and I always bring my spectacles with me as back-up.

9. MiPow Portable Charger and Multi-Cables

10. Comb

11. Some candies:
- Impact Mints in Ice Mint flavor. This is my all-time favorite candy brand and flavor.

- Mintia in Calpis flavor. I recommend giving Mintia a try if you're ever in Japan. They are really good!

12. Some Toothpicks

13. Blink-N-Clean Contact Lens Drop

14. Makeup Products — Nivea Hydro Care Lip Balm, Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar #02, K-Palette 1-Day Tattoo Eyeliner and Etude House All Finish Makeup Remover Bar. I keep them in the front zip pocket of the bag, so that they are easy to reach.

15. A pack of Tissue and Dettol Anti-Bacterial Wet Wipes

That's it. These are all the stuff I usually carry in my bag. So, I've revealed my secrets and now it's your turn to let me know what's in your bag.

If you have any post requests or questions, let me know via LINE app. My LINE details can be found in the sidebar and on my blog banner. Stay tuned for my next update!


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