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W.Lab W-Honey Beam Cushion | Review (High Coverage!)

Do you have dull and imperfection skin? Are you looking for a foundation that provides good coverage with a natural, glowing finish? If yes, you gotta read this!

Introducing W.Lab's W-HONEY BEAM CUSHION~!

Have you heard of the brand, "W.Lab"?

I hadn't until a few weeks ago, I was introduced to this brand by Q-DEPOT and was thrilled to be given the opportunity to try out "W-Honey Beam Cushion", which is one of the W.Lab's best-selling products!

If you are new to this brand, let me have a short introduction before I proceed on to the review of the cushion.

W.Lab is a Korean brand and it offers cosmetics and various skin care solutions to address to different skin concerns. W.Lab commits to develop best quality products to keep up customer satisfaction and to ensure safety by using only natural ingredients (e.g. naturally derived extracts such as plant extracts, honey) without unnecessary chemical ingredients.

And because of their commitments to customer satisfaction and innovation, they have been awarded awards which include the Premium Brand Award in Year 2014, Korea Satisfaction Consumer Index and Korea Customer Satisfaction Brand Award in Year 2015.

Moving into the review...

Unlike regular cushion products which usually contain water that tends to evaporate quickly, W-Honey Beam Cushion is made up of 44% honey extracts — Jeju Honey and rich nutrition Manuka Honey to deliver long-lasting moisture and radiance to the skin.

Fun Fact: Honey is a natural humectant which means it delivers and retains moisture into the skin. It also contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that aid in soothing and healing.

With SPF 50+ PA+++, it works as a foundation and sunscreen all rolled into one; combined with Vitamin B5, Vitamin C derivative and Vitamin E, it provides triple benefits of UV Protection, Whitening and Anti-Wrinkle Care. (It is certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.)

What's more, it claims to give instant high coverage that leaves skin flawless. Ideal for skin with enlarged pores, acne, redness, uneven and dull skin complexion.

W.Lab packaged their cushion compact and puff individually in a sealed bag, then placed in a box, which I think is ingenious and hygienic.

The Honey Beam Cushion comes in a chunky compact with white and gold finish that looks super chic! It also has a cute character print on the casing.

In the case, there is another lid for the puff to rest on, as well as to prevent the foundation from drying.

A brand new cushion is sealed with a sticker to maintain the freshness of the foundation.

After removing the seal, the cushion only takes a few presses to get soaked in foundation.

Not to mention, the puff is spongy soft and feels gentle on the skin.

It is available in two shades HL21 and HB23.

How To Use: Take an adequate amount of foundation on the puff, then gently pat it onto your skin.

Tried and Tested
Here's the swatches: 

HL21 Honey Light - For a brighter look
HB23 Honey Beige - For a natural look

First impression... The foundation has a light, watery-creamy texture which is easy to apply and is easy to blend.

Apparently, from the swatches on my arm, HL21 seems to be the closest match to my skin tone, while HB23 seems a little too dark for my skin tone. But after blending it out on my face, I noticed HL21 makes my complexion look whiter whereas, HB23 gives a more natural finish that blends into my skin tone and matches my neck better.

For comparison purposes, here are some pictures of me wearing HL21 on the left side and HB23 on the right side of my face:

(P.S.: Excuse my awkward smile lolol.)

Both shades give my skin a nice dewy-satin finish, as seen in my silly selfie pictures.

 I LOVE how my skin looks after applying the Honey Beam Cushion!

Sometimes I use both shades together. I like to use HB23 as the base, and HL21 as a highlighter to highlight the areas I want to brighten.

By the way, the main reason why I'm excited to try out this product is because of its claims on the coverage. I have been breaking out insanely ever since I returned to Singapore, and I really needed a foundation that provides good coverage to cover up my imperfections. And I'm glad to be introduced to this Honey Beam Cushion.

After trying it out, I was completely blown away by the coverage it offers! I must say it's rare for me to be blown away by a foundation, but this one is truly amazing!

Here's a picture showing how bad my skin looks BEFORE applying the Honey Beam Cushion:

And here's a picture on how my skin looks AFTER applying the Honey Beam Cushion:

Note: Only W-Honey Beam Cushion applied.

What I love about this cushion is that it not only gives a lightweight, glowing finish, but it also gives superb coverage that instantly neutralizes redness and conceals blemishes! On top of that, it also blurs out my pores which I never expected it would!!

Well, I have to be honest... it doesn't 100% cover up blemishes, but it does mask my blemishes close to perfection (as you can tell from the BEFORE & AFTER pictures). Being able to achieve this level of coverage (up to 85%?) without using a concealer is considered very impressive! And it lasts all day without having to touch-up.

In terms of oil control, I don't think it has any oil control properties. But this doesn't bother me as I always carry oil blotter sheets with me. Another drawback of this product is that it will cake up and highlight dry flakiness when applied too much.

So my advice to you is to control the amount of foundation you dab on the puff and lightly pat onto your face. You don't need to apply a lot of this to get an excellent coverage.

I've been using Honey Beam Cushion for almost 2 weeks and it hasn't caused any breakouts or irritations so far.

Overall, it lives up to what it claims to do — excellent coverage, more hydration, long-lasting makeup... I love how it is easy to use — simply dab and pat onto the skin and Voila! Natural and toned-up skin in just one touch~!

If you have imperfection skin and are looking for a medium to high coverage foundation that provides a natural, dewy-satin finish, you might consider giving this honey-based cushion a shot!

W.Lab W-Honey Beam Cushion is retailing at Q-DEPOT at the price of USD$22.73.

For your information, Q-DEPOT is a leading Korean Skin Care and Korean Cosmetics Online Store that carries more than 15,000 products from 26 brands, including cruelty-free brands like Etude House, Laneige, Mamonde, Sulwhasoo, IOPE, Hera, Innisfree, NoTs, and yet counting. All products they sell are 100% genuine and fresh, directly shipped out from Korea.

What's more, they ship worldwide! They offer a very low flat shipping rate starting at USD$2.99 and free worldwide shipping for orders above USD$69.00.

One of the best reasons to shop at Q-DEPOT is that they have made a commitment to donate 3% of their net profit for social causes and donations, as social responsibility is part of their core values. Another reason is that they guarantee your purchase satisfaction with a 30-days return policy.

Hence, you can shop at ease and at the same time, for a good cause!

Shop at Q-DEPOT.COM today! :)

DISCLAIMER: This product was sent to me for review purposes; however, all thoughts expressed are my own.


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