Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What's In My Gym Bag | Workout Essentials

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P.S.: This is a requested post, which I have delayed for four+ months. 
My apologies to the readers who requested for this :x

Some of you may know I have started going to the gym this year, but I haven't been doing so lately after my brother bought a treadmill.

A little background information: I used to visit the gym once a week for an hour. Initially, my aim was to train abs, but I gave up eventually... hahahaha~ Most of the time, I do light workouts; I try not to exercise too much or too vigorously because I am underweight (154cm tall and weigh 38-39kg = BMI 16.0~16.4).

Anyway, to the readers who requested this topic — "What's In My Gym Bag", here you go!

This is the bag I bring to the gym and it is from Skechers.
It was a freebie when I signed up for the limited edition SG50 PAssion POSB Debit Card.

So these are the basic things I always pack in my gym bag.

— zooooooom —

- A pouch from Kate Spade and I use it to keep my towel and facial mist (Etude House AC Clinic Intense Hinoki Water Mist review).

- Hair accessories — A comb, hair clip and hair tie.

- Nivea Lip Balm to keep my lips moisturized

- Packets of tissues and Dettol anti-bacterial wet wipes

- MP3 Player from Sony W-series — NWZ-W252 (Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker limited edition model in Camouflage). I must say that the sound quality of Sony W-series is not as good as Beats; but it is a perfect companion for the gym because it is lightweight and best part, it is wire-free, water-resistant and washable! Ideal for sports use.

- Impact Mints Candy in the flavor of Ice Mint. My all-time favorite candy!

- My house keys

- Wristlet from Coach to keep my money. I usually bring only SGD$10 to $20.

- My cellphone — Iphone 6 (Champagne Gold).

- Water Bottle from Thermos to keep my hydration levels up.

Band-aids in different sizes. In case of injury.

- Some unhealthy snacks (lol) — Big Thunder Mini

I would only bring the following things if I plan to shower at the gym:

- Shiseido Ma Cherie Shampoo and Conditioner (Travel-size kit)

- Dettol Anti-Bacterial Body Wash

- Rexona Deodorant in my favorite scent, "Shower Clean"(Travel-size).

- UNIX Take Out Mini Hair Dryer, and a plug adaptor which I missed out... lol

... as well as the following things, which I did not take a picture of.

- Bath towel

A set of clothes to change and a plastic bag to keep my dirty clothes

- A shoe bag to keep my workout shoes and a pair of flip-flops

As the gym is close to where I live, I don't usually take a shower there. I would only do so if I am meeting my friends for lunch/dinner right after gym.

So that's it, that's what in my gym bag! Let me know what's in yours? :)


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