Monday, August 31, 2015

Innisfree No-Sebum BLUR PRIMER | Review

Previously, I did a review on the Innisfree No-Sebum Blur Pact - if you haven't read it, click to check it out!

And today, let's talk about the Innisfree No-Sebum Blur Primer — a primer that is designed to control sebum, cover pores and fine lines, leaving the skin with a smooth texture and bright complexion.

The main features of this product:
- smoothes out uneven pores and fine wrinkles, achieving a clear and smoother skin.

- contains natural minerals from Jeju and natural originated mint to control the oil-moisture balance of the skin, allowing the skin to remain soft and smooth, as well as allowing makeup to last longer.

The product comes in a matte ivory colored tube with a brown twist-off cap.

The primer can be easily extracted from the tube.

It has a soft creamy-balmy texture that glides on the skin easily. And it doesn't feel greasy at all.

How To Use:
Squeeze an appropriate amount and spread thinly over areas with visible pores after skincare and gently pat to finish.

*Note: It may cause flakes or clumps when used excessively, so use only a small amount and spread in a thin layer by tapping.

Tried and Tested + Verdict
P.S: I applied this primer only on half of my face.

- Blur Pore Effect
*Take note that the following are zoomed-in pictures; therefore, my pores may look bigger in the pictures than they seem in real life. 

Only No-Sebum Blur Primer was applied.

Well, I couldn't really tell the difference in the appearance of my pores when I looked into the mirror after applying the primer. I only noticed the difference from the zoomed-in pictures taken by my camera. As you can tell from the zoomed-in pictures, it did blur my pores but the effect was very minimal — not as significant as the Blur Pact.

- Oil-Control
It does slow down and control skin's oil production, as I've noticed the side without the primer was more prone to oiliness in a few hours than the side with the primer. Therefore, I concluded that it has an excellent oil control effect.

- Smoothes Out Skin and Allows Makeup To Last Longer
My skin did feel silky smooth to the touch on the side with the primer and it helps make-up to goes on smoothly and last longer.

Overall, it does blur the pores but slightly... In my opinion, it works better in controlling oil and helping make-up to last longer.

So if you want a primer that gives a more extreme blur pores effect, this may not be the best option — well, I believe there are better ones out there. Pick this if you are looking for a primer that will keep oil under control and doesn't cause breakouts.

Besides, I find this No-Sebum Blur Primer works really well together with the No-Sebum Blur Pact. The Blur Pact softens the look of the pores while this Blur Primer controls oil and shine, helping makeup to stay put. = Perfect match~!♥


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