Saturday, August 29, 2015

Innisfree No-Sebum BLUR PACT | Review

Today, I will be doing a review on a new product from Innisfree called the "No-Sebum Blur Pact".

Last year, I did a review on Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Pact and I'm sure most of you readers are familiar with that product.

So similar to No-Sebum Mineral Pact, this No-Sebum Blur Pact is also a compact finishing powder designed to control sebum; but this creates a smooth and radiant skin texture with pore blurring effect.

The main features of this product:
- covers unevenness caused by pores and fine lines for a smooth and radiant skin texture.

- contains natural minerals from Jeju and natural originated mint to control the oil-moisture balance of the skin and make it more healthier-looking.

- comes in natural shade that provides a natural look and suited for all skin tones.

The pact comes in a matte ivory colored round case with a snap-on lid/case. It is very compact and light, which makes it convenient to carry around in your purse/bag.

It has a built-in mirror and comes with a soft powder puff, ...

... along with a plastic cover divide between where you keep the puff and powder itself.

This is how the powder looks in the pact:

Unlike the Mineral Pact that comes in white powder; the powder of Blur Pact has a translucent light beige color that gives a natural finish. No need to worry about having a white cast on your face when applied too much of powder.

It blends perfectly with my skin tone.

It blends perfectly with light/medium-toned skin, but I'm not sure if it would blends well with darker skin tones.

How To Use:
In the last stage of your daily make-up routine, use powder puff to gently apply onto entire face or sebum concentrated areas.

Tried and Tested + Verdict

- Blur Pore Effect:
*Take note that the following are zoomed-in pictures; therefore, my pores may look bigger in the pictures than they seem in real life.

Only No-Sebum Blur Pact Powder was applied.

I noticed a difference in the appearance of my skin after applying this powder. Not only does it leave my skin looking smoother and mattified, it also blurs out my pores, as you can tell from the zoomed-in pictures. It did not hide my pores completely, to be honest. However, it did make them look less apparent. In conclusion, it does what it claims!

- Oil-Control
It does control sebum, but in my opinion, it is not as good as the Mineral Pact. P.S: The effectiveness may vary individually as it depends on the climate you live in and individual's skin sebum production rate.

- Coverage
It gives a sheer coverage and is unable to hide dark circles, redness and blemishes. If you want more coverage, this is not the one for you.

Overall, No-Sebum Blur Pact is a good translucent setting powder. I love how it smoothes out my skin and blurs out my pores, making them less noticeable without causing any breakouts. If you are looking for a powder that blurs out pores, this is it! It goes on great by itself, and even better with Innisfree No-Sebum Blur Primer. Check out my review on No-Sebum BLUR PRIMER.


  1. I was still wondering whether I should get this or not so thanks so much for this review! Will be looking forward to the Primer review now~
    Mira |

    1. Hello Mira~! :D

      If you are looking for a finishing powder that blurs away the look of pores, this product is something you should try. :D

      Stay tuned~! xo ♥

  2. This sounds so good! I have oily skin so I think it'd suit me well. Thanks for the review <3

  3. Looks great! can we use this pact interchangeably with innisfree cushion?


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