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Dealing With Back Acne (PART 2): The DOs and DON'T

Acne is a very common skin problem faced by many people and it occurs when the pores in the skin become clogged by dead skin cells, oil and dirt. It does not only appears on your face, it can grow on your body as well.

Today, let's continue our talk on...

Before I share about the DOs and DON'T, let's continue from where we ended off..... Previously, I have shared about my friend's true (success) story on back acne. If you haven't read it, check it out by clicking the following picture:

P.S.: Some part of this post will be linking to the previous article, so be sure to read that before proceeding.

So... how do I help my friend to heal her back acne? Let me explain...

First, my friend told me the "history" of her skin care routine and skin condition before and during the breakouts period.

Here's a brief summary on the "history" of her skin....blah...blahh...blahhhh... :
                                                                                                                                                                                            She has very oily and acne prone facial skin, so all along she thought her body has the same skin type as her face. Hence, all the products she tried were designed for oily and acne prone skin; apparently none has worked out. Not to mention she used 100% tea tree oil, as a spot treatment after taking a shower, which also did not work out well. Alongside, she experienced rashes and itching that comes and goes each day. 

Then, I analyzed her skin using the moisture analyzer device, commonly seen in my reviews, and found out that her skin type was not what she thought it would be. At that point, her skin wasn't very oily in fact, it was super dry!

From what she told me, I started piecing up all the factors together and came to my conclusion [...] — The cause of her acne was definitely due to clogged pores (dead skin cells, oil, dirt). But what made her breakouts progressively worse was because of using the wrong products and treating methods, which irritate and constantly drying up her skin. Also, the continual use of the wrong products caused her skin to become sensitive.

At that time, her skin condition was partially infested with inflamed pimples, super dry and gets irritated easily. As a result, it wasn't easy to find a product that suits her (then) skin. After some trial and error, we finally found a product that works.

The product is called "Natural Real Mild Body Wash" and it's from Happy Bath.

In case you haven't heard of the brand "Happy Bath", here's an introduction I copied from YesStyle (lol):
                                                                                                                                                                                            Happy Bath infuses all-natural ingredients into its range of body care products for a truly pleasurable and refreshing bathing experience. Established in 2000, the brand carries an assortment of bath essentials ranging from facial cleansers to hand creams. Happy Bath manufactures all its products in South Korea and belongs to the AMOREPACIFIC group of brands alongside Laniege, Innisfree, Etude House and others.

Happy Bath carries many different types of body washes that are made of natural ingredients, so they aren't too harsh to use on the skin. I chose the Mild one because I believe it is the most gentlest to use on my friend's (then) skin.

Besides body wash, she also needs a gentle spot treatment to tackle her existing pimples. As I have always had good experiences with Etude House products, I suggested to her to give Etude House's "OMG! Trouble Break Mist (Spray)" a try.

She did, and the two products really worked out positively for her.

Note: Our skins are different and react differently to product, so what worked for my friend might not work out for you.

Overall conclusion, you don't really need harsh chemicals and a lot of products to treat acne. As long as you treat your acne with the right products and methods that suit your skin type, you would most likely achieve positive results.

So how to find the right products for your skin? and how to treat your back acne?

Read on...

- Moving onto the topic of the day! -

"The DOs and DON'T"
 when dealing with body-back acne...

The DOs:

Find Out The Root Cause
Knowing the cause of your breakouts is the first step in knowing how to clear up back acne. So question yourself~! Following are some example questions to start with... :

1. When did the breakouts started?

2. Did you modify your skin care routine prior to your breakouts? (e.g. change or add-in new products). If yes, do you have any idea what product triggered the breakouts? If yes, stop using that product immediately.

3. Have you made any diet changes prior to your breakouts? (e.g. increasing intake of dairy products, consuming more oily, spicy and junk foods)

4. Have you made any lifestyle changes prior to your breakouts? (e.g. exercising, sun-tanning)

5. Do you have good hygiene practice? (e.g. shower, regular changing of clothes and bedsheet [if you sleep topless] )

Understanding Your Skin Type (acne-prone, dry, normal, oily, sensitive) & Finding the Right Body Care Product
A critically important step in treating acne in the right way is to determine your skin type. All body care products available in the market are designed for different skin types and concerns. Therefore, in order to find the right product to treat your skin, you have to know your skin first.

For your information, facial skin and body skin are different. Hence, although the causes of body acne are the same as facial acne, the treatment is different. So don't treat them the same! 

TIPS: Look for products that aren't too harsh or too drying because treating acne doesn't need aggressive treatment, gently does it!

Apply Topical Treatment
Opt for a spot zapper that is strong enough to combat zits but is gentle to the skin. As the zits on the back area are hard-to-reach, I recommend using product that comes in a spray pump. 

Recommendation: Product that contains Salicylic Acid such as Etude House OMG! Trouble Break Mist — a body-acne care product formulated with Salicylic Acid and other healing properties for breakouts. With built-in 360-degree pump, it sprays from any angle, even upside down to treat hard-to-reach areas like the back and shoulders.

Practice Good Hygiene
For example, taking showers daily, regular changing of clothes, bed sheets ...

Dirt, oil and sweat accumulate on your skin throughout the day can clog up the pores and cause acne. So taking a shower helps to keep your skin clean; free from bacteria and impurities, preventing acne occurrences and/or from worsening!

Clothes are made of fabric and it absorb sweat and oil. Hence, changing clothes daily is a must, especially after sweating. You wouldn't want to rub those dirts back onto your skin, right? And for the ladies, lingeries will also soak up sweat and oil, so make sure you change it and wear a clean piece.

Similar to the clothes, bed sheets are also made of fabric and will trap dirt, sweat and oil. If you have a habit to sleep topless, remember to change and wash your bed sheet weekly.

Wear Breathable Clothing To Keep Your Skin Dry
Unbreathable clothing holds moisture and stays damp, which can create a breeding ground for bacteria that may trigger and/or worsen existing acne. Thus, it is recommended to wear high-tech, breathable fabric that have wicking properties as it helps to admit air to the skin, allowing moisture and sweat to evaporate.

Keep Your (Long) Hair Away From Your Back
Hair traps oil, dirt and dust easily, which may trigger breakouts and/or make acne worse. So if you have long hair, try to keep it away from your back. Not to mention the hair care products, such as serums, styling gels and creams, that we often use on our hair may clog the pores and trigger breakouts as well. So make sure your hair doesn't touch your back acne.

The Don't:

Scratching or Popping The Zits!
Scratching or popping the zits may cause further injury to the skin, resulting in scarrings that tend to leave a hole appearance, like what my friend has now:

Therefore, if you want your acne to heal flawlessly, avoid picking at your pimples!

Exfoliating or Scrubbing
Exfoliation buffs away dead skin cells and unclogs the pores, which helps to reduce the growth of acne and recurrence. But if you have lots of red inflamed pimples, it's best to avoid exfoliating or scrubbing as this action may further aggravate the zits and cause them to get more inflamed. Only exfoliate when you don't have much inflamed pimples.

Wearing Tight Clothing
Wearing tight clothing rubs against skin, causing friction that may aggravate your acne and lead to excessive sweating. Thus, it's best to wear loose clothing.

Covering Up Acne With Makeup
The skin on your body is thicker and has larger pores than the skin on your face, making it more prone to getting clogged. Plus, the back area is hard to reach and visualize, you may not remove the makeup thoroughly during cleansing. So I don't recommend to apply makeup on your back at all!

That's all the DOs and DON'T I gave to my friend, which "played" a part in healing her back acne. Hopefully, what I have shared would be helpful for people who are facing the same problem. Acne sufferers, press on and keep fighting!


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