Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Caolion Pore Original Pack Mask | Review

Caolion Pore Original Pack is a pore minimizing mask that tightens sagging and enlarged pores. It also controls sebum and improves overall skin's complexion.

It is formulated with the following active ingredients:
- Alaskan Glacial Water (0% regular distilled water) gives a refreshing cooling effects and enhanced pore tightening.
- Glacier Clay absorbs and draws away dead skin cells for translucent and clarified skin.
- Charcoal Powder that whisks away impurities, absorbs excess sebum and controls shine and grime.
- Panthenol (Vitamin B5) reinforces nature skin barrier.
- Hyaluronic acid creates long-lasting moisture barrier, leaving skin hydrated, supple and soft.
- Natural humectant retaining moisture, preventing the mask from cracking during drying.

It is free of... Alcohol, Synthetic Coloring, Synthetic Fragrances, Mineral Oil, Benzophenon, Paraben, Phenoxyethanol, Methychloroisothiazolinone, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Triethanolamine, Sulfate, Triclosan

The mask comes in a plastic jar with a plastic twist-off cap.

The opening is not sealed, but it has a thin plastic sheet covering the content.

The mask is very creamy and easy to glide evenly on the skin.

How To Use:
Apply evenly to clean, toned face. Leave on for 10-15 minutes. Gently rinse and remove with water.

For optimal pore purifying effect, it is recommended to use Caolion Blackhead Steam Pore Pack prior to this Pore Original Pack.

Cleanser — Caolion Blackhead Steam Pore Pack (optional)— Caolion Pore Original Pack — *continue with daily skin care routine*

TIP: Store in refrigerator prior to use for maximum astringent and calming effects.

Tried and Tested

As usual, let's put it into a test...

"Moisture + Oil Test"
on my cheek area.

Here's the measurement guidelines for you to refer back to later:

*P.S. Analyzing Standards:
The standard value of moisture level is 38%++, 3-5 bars (normal to very moisturized).
The standard value of oiliness (skin type) is 3 bars (normal). - means balanced, which is neither too oily nor too dry.
The standard value of cells (roughness/softness) is average/soft.

BEFORE applying the mask:

AFTER applying the mask:
Skin's moisture decreased from 3 bars to 2 bars; from 37% to 36%.
Oiliness decreased from 4 bars to 3 bars.
Skin's cells (.aka. skin texture) remained less soft.

- *Results shown are after cleansing and before applying toner and moisturizer* -

I usually use this mask once on a weekly basis after using Caolion Blackhead Steam Pore Pack. Sometimes I use it on my nose after using a pore (nose) strip.

After slathering this mask on my face, my skin immediately felt an instant tingly, minty cooling effect. The minty cooling effect was nice but I found it was a tad too strong, which made me mistakenly thought it was irritating my sensitive skin on my first try, but of course it was not! So if you are trying this mask for the first time, fret not! The strong tingly, minty cooling effect is absolutely normal! It actually helps to calm your skin (e.g skin troubles, redness) and tighten your pores.

After using this mask, I noticed an immediate reduction in sebum production the next day, but I didn't see a significant difference in the size of my pores. I only noticed a significant reduction in the size of my pores after using this mask for some time. Therefore, I concluded that it does control sebum and minimize pores, but it may take some time to see drastic results in pore size. Also, do take note that it is not going to make the pores disappear magically; it just minimizes the pores, making them look less apparent.

In terms of hydration, I don't find it hydrating, but it isn't very drying either. If you have dry/oily-combination skin, I would recommend to use it once every other week or you can just apply it to area where it is oily-prone and/or has pore concerns.

Overall, in my opinion, it is quite an effective pore minimizing mask as it does what it claims to do. It is worth a try!

Side Information - Brand Introduction:
Established in 1995, CAOLION Cosmetics has been making hypoallergenic cosmetics for sensitive skin for 18 years. The company launched natural cosmetics for the first time with a 3-free principle: pigment-free, fragrance-free, and alcohol free. At the present, the company has developed products that are exclude up to 17 adverse ingredients such as preservatives and mineral fibers. CAOLION was the first Korean brand to enter into LVMH (Louis Vuitton Monët Hennessy) Group's global cosmetics retail chain SEPHORA after being recognized as a quality natural cosmetic product for senstive skin after over two years of quality control. It is the only brand in Korea that's able to maintain an 18-year tradition and about one million loyal customers.


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