Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Notice: Readers who have dropped me an email, I promise I will reply to your email but not any time soon... I'm really sorry for not being able to respond to your email sooner... If possible, would you mind dropping your enquiries in ask.fm/bitsdiaries instead? It is actually much easier for me to reply there because there is an app on mobile devices. I know there is word limit for each question entry but I don't mind if you send in multiple entries. :x I sincerely apologize for the late reply and inconvenience caused. :x

Anyway, as per request, I have updated and re-published My (past) Acne Story with more details and pictures.

Check it out at "My Acne Story" page!

If you are suffering from acne, stay strong, be patient...... I hope my story can motivate you to keep fighting acne. xo~!


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