Sunday, June 21, 2015

Review: Syokunin Medicated Deodorant Gel Cream『薬用デオドラント職人』

Looking for an effective deodorant to combat the sweat and odor in the summer? You gotta try 『薬用デオドラント職人』(Syokunin Medicated Deodorant Gel Cream)!

As I reside in 365-days hot and humid country — Singapore, I'm always searching for a good deodorant. So months ago, in Japan, I picked up this deodorant and I'm amazed by how effective it is!

『薬用デオドラント職人』(Syokunin Medicated Deodorant Gel Cream) is a Japan's product and is available in Scented (citrus) and Unscented.

Since I do wear perfume, I got the unscented one so that it won't collide with my perfume. FYI, my friend got the scented one and she says it has a hint of orange (citrus) fragrance, which smells really nice.

Unfortunately, everything printed on the box is in Japanese (as shown in the following picture)... I can't read Japanese so I can't share the full detailed description.

As far as I know, it is a medicated anti-perspirant deodorant gel cream which helps to reduce bacteria and provide lasting protection against sweat and odor. It can be used on underarms as well as on the foot.

For more info, watch this video (in Japanese):

Unlike most of the deodorants which come in either roll-on or spray bottle, Medicated Deodorant Gel Cream comes in a tube and each tube weighed 35g.

It has a light cream gel texture, which makes it easy to apply and allows fast absorption without leaving the skin feeling sticky. It may feel wet when applied, but once it dries, the skin will feel and stay dry to the touch.

Usage: Apply a sufficient amount onto desired area. In my view, a pea-size is more than enough.

Tried and Tested
The formula for Syokunin Medicated Deodorant Gel Cream is gentle and doesn't sting or irritate my sensitive skin. Hence, I think it is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. Once applied, it really reduces and controls sweat production! I do not need to worry about odor and embarrassing, awkward moments (e.g. sweat stains on clothes) during hot days anymore~ heeee~ In terms of effectiveness, compared to the roll-on and spray type deodorants, I find this works more effective and efficient in controlling sweat and odor.

The only downside is that it comes in a tube form. Hence, the application may be more hassle but on the positive side, it is more hygienic than the roll-on type. Plus, it gives a stronger and longer-lasting protection therefore, the packaging doesn't really matter to me anymore. Lol.

All in all, it really does what it claimed~! In my opinion, this is absolutely perfect product for... the summer season, people who live in hot and humid country and also, for people who sweat profusely.


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