Sunday, April 12, 2015

[Acne Story] #04: Update on My Acne Journey — "Pre-Period Breakouts!"

It's been 2 weeks since my last update on my skin condition. I did not update last week cause I was away... Here goes the long awaited PART 4~:

If you have yet to read the previous parts, you can check them out here:
[Part 1], [Part 2], [Part 3].

So 2 weeks ago, I ended the post with the pictures taken on 28th March 2015 and the following pictures were taken on 29th March 2015.



Since 8th April 2015, I have been getting very mild pre-period breakouts. It's actually something I have expected it to happen because I would always get a breakout the week before my period. Thus, I wasn't taken aback on the breakouts.

As of today (12th April 2015), there are 2 humongous, angry, inflamed, pus-filled zits growing on my left jawline, which I believe they will be ready to "harvest" in a few days time. They are painful to the touch by the way. I hate this kind of pimples!  While on my right side, there are 1-2 minor zits near the top area of my cheek which the camera could not capture them well. There isn't much issue on this side though. Aside from pre-period breakouts, my post acne marks on both sides, from before, have lightened quite a bit and some have disappeared. 

So here are the pictures for today — "fresh" pictures just taken this morning.



So far so good. Nothing severe. Currently, I'm treating post acne marks/scars and pre-period breakouts. Hope the healing goes smoothly~

If you are one of the acne sufferers out there, don't give up hope. Let's fight acne together, yeah~?


Problems I am currently facing and dealing with:
- Pre-period breakouts (currently focusing on...)
- Post acne marks/scars (currently focusing on...)
- Enlarged pores (...on hold...)

Current Skin Type:
Oily/Combination + Sensitive

My Current Skin Care Routine (dated: March 2015)


Biore Aqua Jelly Make Up Remover (only if I use makeup)
Lifestyle changes:
- Diet: Eat healthily~ e.g. avoid spicy, greasy, fried & junk foods, drink more water etc.
- Sleep routine: Try to sleep early but I always fail to do so. ooops~
- Exercise~: I've been working out on a routine basis starting from last monday.

If you have any question or request, feel free to ask/leave a message at Stay tuned for my next update. 


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