Sunday, March 29, 2015

[Acne Story] #03: Update on My Acne Journey — "Clearing Up!"

In the previous update on my skin condition, I mentioned about my skin broke out again. If you have not read it, you can read it here: [Part 1], [Part 2]. So let's continue from where I left off, shall we?

A quick update — PART 3!

On 24th March 2015, the pimples from the previous breakouts have died down a bit. However, there were still a number of red-pink-brown post acne marks/scars being left from pimples, as shown in the following pictures. Thankfully, there wasn't any major breakout. At most, just a few whiteheads/flesh-colored bumps that were barely noticeable.



As of today (29th March 2015), the pimples are gone and the red-pink post acne marks/scars are in the process of lightening to pink-brown; some have faded significantly. Basically, I think that's a positive sign showing that my skin is healing.
Note: The following pictures were taken yesterday (28th March 2015):



So far, the healing process seems to be going well and I hope it will continue progressing smoothly~ *fingers-crossed*


Problems I am currently facing and dealing with:
- Post acne marks/scars (currently focusing on...)
- Enlarged pores (...on hold...)

P/S: As mentioned in my previous update, I prefer to treat one problem at a time. Since my acne has died down, I'm currently focusing on treating the post acne marks/scars.

Current Skin Type:
Oily/Combination + Sensitive

My Current Skin Care Routine (dated: March 2015)


Biore Aqua Jelly Make Up Remover (only if I use makeup)
Lifestyle changes:
- Diet: Eat healthily~ e.g. avoid spicy, greasy, fried & junk foods, drink more water etc.
- Sleep routine: Try to sleep early but I always fail to do so. ooops~

If you have any question or request, feel free to ask/leave a message at Stay tuned for my next update. 

Update - *[ Click here to read Part 4 ]*


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