Monday, December 22, 2014

[Advertorial/Sponsored] Review: MU Nutrition+ MIEUX Collagen Beauty Drink by Mary Chia

Description: Formulated with BHN (Marine) Collagen, enriched with Ceramide and Apple extract. Every bottle of MIEUX contains 3000mg BHN Collagen and 10mg Ceramide. A bottle a day for youthful and supple skin!

- BHN (Marine) low molecular collagen is proven in laboratory tests to be best absorbed by the body. It also provides nourishment to our fibroblast cellular tissue and maintains skin's hydration level.

- Ceramide helps to lock in moisture in your skin by effectively rebuilding your skin's natural barrier to atmospheric hydration depletion.

Usage: To maintain your skin's optimum collagen levels for youthful suppleness, consume one (1) bottle per day before bedtimeShake well before consumption; consume the entire bottle upon opening. It is best served cold.

(Note: One bottle is the recommended dosage per day because excess Collagen consumed is generally not absorbed by the body and would be a waste of product.)

Ingredients List + Benefits Of Each Ingredient:

Net weight: 50ml each / 8 bottles in a box

Let me explain a few points before I jump into my review...

So, what is Collagen?:
Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body needed to maintain the structure and density of your skin. Collagen proteins derived from fish contain high amounts of amino acids and peptides directly involved in the formation of collagen and elastin.

Why should we consume Collagen?:
Approximately 80% of young and healthy skin is made up of collagen. However, our skin gradually loses the ability to regenerate naturally and produces less collagen in our mid-30s, which resulting in the loss of firmness and the formation of wrinkles. Therefore, it is better to start taking Collagen early to prevent premature skin aging.

Here I have the MU Nutrition+ MIEUX Collagen Beauty Drink to the rescue!
A revolutionary new line of nutrition dietary supplements developed by Mary Chia.
It is designed to address common concerns such as: 
- Pre-mature ageing due to loss of collagen and key vitamins for skin and organs 
- Improve body’s detoxification abilities 
- Enhance gastro-intestinal health by introducing beneficent bacteria (Probiotics) 
- Improve overall metabolism and blood circulation 
- Block/displace excess fat, sugars and carbohydrates consumed through daily diet 
- Enhance overall organ functions 
- Increase energy levels and vitality 
- Improve immunity

Bottle Packaging:
Each bottle is made of glass and is well-sealed with a screwed-off aluminum cap.

It has a liquid texture but slightly denser than water.

It has a hint of apple flavor, which actually tastes kind of pleasant to my taste buds, unlike some other brands which have a fishy taste.

After drinking 7 bottles (= 7 days), I noticed that my pimples "ripe" (heal) faster than usual and my acne scars have lightened a bit. My skin also feels firmer, more hydrated, supple and radiant. 

However, the results may vary individually. Take note that other lifestyle habits such as diet, smoking of tobacco products and alcohol consumption as well as sleeping habits and exposure to UV rays play a part in the outcome too. 

All in all, it is indeed "A bottle a day for youthful and supple skin"! What are you waiting for? Start taking Collagen supplements today! 

Why MIEUX and not other brands?:
MIEUX contains BHN Collagen which shows better absorption among Collagens with same molecular weight. Also, CoQ10, Ceramide and Vitamin C & E are added to the formulation for enhanced skin hydration, elasticity and luminosity. In addition, it contains NO artificial flavors yet it still tastes good. In fact, it tastes better than most brands in the market!

MU Nutrition+ MIEUX Collagen Beauty Drink is available at any Mary Chia and Urban Homme outlets.

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