Monday, October 20, 2014

Review: Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Lotion

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Lotion
Description: A sebum control lotion enriched with volcanic cluster and green complex, from pure jeju island, that have strong sebum absorptive power to keep skin grease-free. It uses Innisfree's unique Sebum control technology™ to purify the pores and controls the sebum production.

[4-FREE Formula]:
- NO Paraben
- NO Artificial Colorings
- NO Mineral Oil
- NO Animal Ingredients

Directions: After toner, pour out an adequate amount of lotion and gently apply it all over your face.

[Usage Order] Cleanser - Toner - Lotion - Essence

Net Weight: 150ml

Price: 16000 (est. SGD$19) / Retail price in Innisfree SG: SGD$27

The bottle of lotion is packed in a rectangular paper box made of recycled materials.

The bottle itself is made of plastic and comes with an aluminum screw-off cap. The opening of the bottle is well-sealed with a stopper and the stopper can be pulled out effortlessly. The bottle is semi-squeezable type so some strength is required in order to get the lotion out.

It has a watery, serum-like texture and it's lightweight that allows fast absorption without leaving skin feeling greasy or very sticky.

This lotion has a floral scent — similar scent to the toner, which smells really nice. But I find it's a tad overpowering and lingering...

Oil Control Test:
The oil control ability of this lotion is high average in my view. For optimum oil-control results, use together with the rest of Jeju Volcanic products.

- the "recycle" concept; eco-friendly
- 4-free formula
- controls and balances sebum production effectively
- lightweight; fast absorption
- non-greasy
- does not cause breakout
- does not leave skin feeling very sticky
- the scent

- bottle is kind of hard to squeeze; requires some strength to squeeze out the product...
- not moisturizing enough for dry skin or for winter season
- scent is a bit strong and lingering 

Verdict: Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Lotion is a lightweight moisturizer that effectively controls and balances the sebum production yet leaves (oily) skin feeling refreshed and moisturized. It does not leave a greasy or a very sticky layer after absorption. The lightweight formula and sebum control properties make this lotion a perfect choice for people with oily skin and for summer season.

On the down side, it does not provide enough moisture for dry skin in my view. I have oily and combination skin (oily T-zone, dry and normal in other areas). Despite it provides moisture to the skin, I find it is not enough for my dry areas... The dry areas of my skin felt "tight" even though I had applied the lotion.

Frankly speaking, after I switched to the Jeju Volcanic skin care line, I get flakiness on my dry areas more often. Hence, I concluded that the Jeju Volcanic skin care line is more suitable for oily skin but not so much for dry skin. I highly recommend Jeju Volcanic skin care line to people with oily to super oily skin however, I wouldn't recommend to people with dry skin.

Note: If you want to achieve a significant results in pores size and oil control, use this lotion with the rest of the products from the Jeju Volcanic skin care line.

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  1. Oh, you have the same problem with me. I only have the oily skin at T-zone, too. I am buying this product, but I.wonder if it makes my dry area becoming worse. You still use it for your whole skin face, or just T-zone and use another for dry skin?
    By the way, your review was very detailed. Thank you :))


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