Monday, September 29, 2014

2014 August to September Haul

Notice: Any email I received from 14th September 2014 and onwards, I have read all of them but I haven't had enough time to reply to all. I will try to reply asap though it may take some time... Please understand. :x

Just a quick update on the HAUL of the last two months (August to September).

Shall start off with skin care products followed by makeups, nail polishes and other miscellaneous:
Etude House AC Clinic Daily Acne Foam Cleanser
Etude House AC Clinic Intense Liquid Spot
Hiruscar Post Acne Gel

Miacare Acne Patch (Day and Night)

My Beauty Diary Dark Circle Eye Mask

My Beauty Diary Rose Brightening and Citrus Firming Aroma Mask

My Beauty Diary Aroma Series is a new line of masks that comes in three types — Rose Brightening, Citrus Firming and Vanilla Moisturizing. Each mask type comes in 10 pieces per box. As my cousin-in-law and I have already tried the Vanilla Moisturizing, we bought the other two types. But to save money, each of us got a box (she bought the Citrus Firming while I bought the Rose Brightening) and we did a 5 for 5 swap. 

Makeup sponge puff

Tory Burch Lipstick (shade: Pas Du Tout)

Dolly Wink Eye Shadow in 01 Brown

Essie Eternal Optimist and Shearling Darling

Essie Forever Yummy and Licorice 

Essie Mint Candy Apple and Madison Ave-Hue
Opi Alpine Snow

Lint Remover device and Nail Buffers

SOD's Lemon Tea and Brown Rice Signature Tea

TenRen Jasmine Green Tea, my favorite tea beverage! :)

Longchamp totes

Longchamp Planetes Large and Le Pliage Small
I bought both in black from Longchamp boutique.

Honestly, I'm not a fan of Longchamp. However, I have heard a lot of raves about their tote bags. Like how lightweight, spacious, strong and durable they are. I heard that they are water-resistant too. Lately, I have been attending events that require to bring my camera along. So I was looking for a good, durable and easy-to-match bag; I opted for Longchamp! And am glad that I never regret buying them~ :) Highly recommend Longchamp tote bag to people who always bring a lot of stuff with you!

Note: Beware of fakes! Initially, I got the bags from an online seller, who claimed that he/she is selling 100% authentic Longchamp in Qoo10 Singapore which then, I realized they were an "A-grade" fakes. I immediately submitted a return request in Qoo10 and demanded for a refund. I was really lucky that I took back my money. With that said, I strongly suggest to get it from the authorized boutique.

As for how to know whether the tote is a fake or not, simply look at the tag stitched to the inner side of the tote. But first, google for an authentic tag picture and then you can start doing the comparison. Usually the letter, font, alignments etc. on the fakes are off. The materials of the real and fake totes are different too but if you don't own a real one, you can't compare. So it's harder to determine the authenticity. FYI, I determined mine by looking at the tag and also the materials with the help from the pictures/information I found online. Having that experience, now I have become a bit of an expert at telling real ones from fakes.

Moving on... I got some...
Bag/Purse Organizer: "Wrap around kind(??)" and transparent/clear pouch

I have the organizer pouch in another design (non-transparent) which I have been using it for years. It is extremely useful as it makes my bag more organized and looks neater. So..., I got a new one for my new bags. If you love carrying a big bag, the organizer pouch is the best way to ensure you always find what you need.

Shoes! (black and white)

I have a love-hate relationship with these shoes. I love how lightweight, simple and pretty they are... Also, the heels height aren't too high, which makes them easy to walk in but gosh, they gave me really bad blisters!   sigh...

Apart from that, I also bought some clothes and accessories which I'm not going to show them here because my friends read my blog! If I show the clothes and accessories here, then there won't be any surprise when I wear them. So yeah~, I'm keeping as a surprise. 

That's all for the haul~ 


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