Tuesday, September 30, 2014

[Advertorial/Sponsored] Review: Enhance Your Figure With BottomSlim!

Cellulite... Tummy Fat... Hip Fat... Thunder Thighs...
Having stubborn fat, lumps and bulges? 
Wanna get rid of them? But don't know how?
... ... ...
BottomSlim is your solution!

First and foremost, let me start with a short introduction on... What is "BottomSlim"?
BottomSlim is the pioneer in lower body slimming to effectively solves these common lower body treatments:
- Bulging Tummy
- Wide Hip
- Bulky Thighs
- Chunky Calves
- Stretch-Marks
- Cellulite
- Toxic & Water Retention
- Sagging Buttocks

BottomSlim was also the main presenter of Singapore Star Awards 2013 and 2014.

Monday, September 29, 2014

2014 August to September Haul

Notice: Any email I received from 14th September 2014 and onwards, I have read all of them but I haven't had enough time to reply to all. I will try to reply asap though it may take some time... Please understand. :x

Just a quick update on the HAUL of the last two months (August to September).

Shall start off with skin care products followed by makeups, nail polishes and other miscellaneous:
Etude House AC Clinic Daily Acne Foam Cleanser
Etude House AC Clinic Intense Liquid Spot
Hiruscar Post Acne Gel

Friday, September 19, 2014

[Advertorial/Sponsored] Review: Biore Micellar Cleansing Water

As you may or may not know, I'm a loyal fan of Biore Makeup Removers~~ Throughout the years I have tried their Cotton Sheets, Hydra Clear (one of my favorite products in the Year 2010-2011) and currently, I'm using their Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover, which is part of my holy grail products.

FYI, Biore is the NO. 1 Makeup Remover Brand in Japan! So, I was extremely elated when I know that I was given a chance to try their NEWLY launched water-based makeup remover called the "Micellar Cleansing Water".
Description: Micellar Cleansing Water is a wipe-off non-comedogenic, lightweight and refreshing makeup remover that lifts off makeup and dirt effectively in one wipe! After usage, the skin feels clean and refreshed with no sticky after feel.

It contains:
  • Watery Micellar Technology that effectively dissolves and lifts off all makeup including mascara and eyeliner 
  • Pure Natural Mineral Water from the Northern Japanese Alps for a gentle and soothing formula 
  • Enriched Collagen and White Tea Extract for brighter, softer and suppler skin 
  • Anti-bacterial formula helps prevent pimples and breakouts, and minimises pores for a clearer and more refined complexion
4-FREE Formula:
- Alcohol free
- Oil free
- Fragrance free
- Colorant free
*Allergy and Ophthalmologist tested; Clinically proven!

- Remove lock tab/stopper from the pump.
- Pump an appropriate amount onto a cotton pad
- Use soaked cotton pad to gently wipe off makeup
- No rinsing required
- For eye makeup, place soaked cotton pad onto closed eyes and hold for 5 seconds before gently wiping it off.
- Repeat until all makeup is removed, and cotton pad is clean

Net Weight: 300ml

Price: SGD$18.90

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Review: The Face Shop Face It Power Perfection BB Cream SPF 37/PA++ (#02 Natural Beige)

The Face Shop Face It Power Perfection BB Cream SPF 37/PA++
Description: A BB Cream providing total skin treatment, such as reenergizing the skin through power lifting, power moisturizing and power correction effects, to achieve "POWER PERFECTION SKIN" by imparting proactive care to overall skin problems, including bagginess, roughness and dryness. Containing omega-3 and the Vita-skin Complex, the BB Cream enables the skin tone to appear moisturized and radiant with a smoother skin texture. With an airy touch formula, it adheres in a thin layer as light as air yet flawless covers skin blemishes for a lustrous, healthy skin appearance.

- wrinkle improvement
- whitening
- sunscreen triple-functional cosmetic

After basic skincare, dispense an adequate amount and apply evenly to the skin. Then, pat lightly with the palms for full absorption.

Net Weight: 40ml (Available in 20ml too)

Price: ...sorry I forgot... 

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

[Advertorial/Sponsored] Review: NIVEA Body Intensive Moisture Serum SPF 25 PA++

Pamper the skin of your body with NEW! NIVEA Body Intensive Moisture Serum SPF 25 PA++, the first body serum that not only repairs 10 signs of extra accumulated dry and damaged skin within 24 hours, but also shields it from the sun.
The first body moisture serum with sun protection for 10 signs of dry and damaged skin:
1. Flaky    2. Itchy    3. Uneven    4. Scratched    5. Rough
6. Cracked    7. Stressed    8. Dull    9. Peeling    10. Tight

- Contains an impressive blend of 100X concentrated Vitamin E, Grape Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, hydra IQ technology:
  • 100X concentrated Vitamin E and Grape Seed Oil: Have strong antioxidant properties. Capable of defending skin cells from sun induced problems and free radical damages.

  • Avocado Oil: Contains wonderful emollient and hydrating properties. Aids in relieving dryness and itch, contributes to regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin, and repairs dry and damaged skin in the process.

  • Hydra IQ (Inspired by a nobel prized winning discovery): Increasing the number of water channels in the skin cells by 3 times. As such, water flows better and faster from cell to cell, and even reaches the deeper layers of the skin which helps to restore skin’s own moisture supply and regulates the balance of moisture within it.
- SPF 25 and PA++ provides you UVA/UVB protection against sun damages

- The extra light and non-sticky serum formula absorbs fast into your skin

Your skin becomes noticeably softer, smoother and more supple.
Skin compatibility and dermatologically approved.
*Compare to other NIVEA body lotion, Vitamin E derivative, supported by BDF analytical test.

Net Weight: 200ml

Price: $8.90

Friday, September 05, 2014

Review: Red Earth Professional Nail Color Nail Polish (06 Sunset Shell)

Red Earth Professional Nail Color Nail Polish (06 Sunset Shell)
Description: All you need to achieve flawless fingertips and toes. The collection of classic, modern and on-trend shades pays tribute to Australia's natural beauty. The professional two-coat formula is ultra glossy, long wearing and free from DBP, toluene, formaldehyde and camphor.

Directions: Apply base coat to clean, dry, filed nails. Apply nail colour starting with one stroke down the centre of the nail, following with strokes along either side of the nail. Apply a second coat of colour, all the way to the tip.

Ingredients: Nil or Water, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Disodium Succinate, Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid, Hydroxyethycellulose, Methylparaben, PPG-10 Methyl Glucose Ether, Sodium Acetylated Hyaluronate, Sodium Hyaluronate, Succinic Acid