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Review: Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar (#03 Juicy Apple & #09 Neon Red)

Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar (#03 Apple & #09 Neon Red) (2g each)
I did a review on Petite Bunny Gloss Bar in #08 Neon Yellow last year. I don't know if you have read it. If you haven't, you can check it out here: Anyway, few months ago, I purchased two more colors — #03 Juicy Apple and #09 Neon Red. By the way, #03 Juicy Apple was a gift for my mom.

In this post, I will duplicate some of the information from my review of #08 Neon Yellow. Well, since they are from the same product range, they should have close to 99% similarity. Thus, I decided to do some copy work~ Please excuse me for being lazy~~ 

More information about the Petite Bunny Gloss Bar~:


Directions: Twist-up to about 3~5mm and lightly apply to lips.

The stick of the gloss bar is made of plastic and it comes with a plastic, bunny-shaped pull-off cap. The cap of each gloss bar has different facial expressions print on it, which make it really unique and adorable. The bottom of each stick is retractable/twistable. You can twist the bottom to get more product.

I mentioned in the review of #08 Neon Yellow that the retractable function is not working well; the product can't be twisted back into the stick once it got twisted out. I have to push the product back instead. However, I did not face such problem happening on #03 Juicy Apple. The retractable function on #03 Juicy Apple works pretty smoothly. It can be twisted in and out easily. Unfortunately, #09 Neon Red has the same problem as #08 Neon Yellow. 

I would strongly suggest not to twist out all at once. Twist out a little at a time in case shit this problem happens. 

Consistency & Color:
The consistency for both #03 Juicy Apple and #09 Neon Red are the same as #08 Neon Yellow... — Although it says it's a gloss bar, I find it leans more towards a balm, like a tinted lip balm. It's not as balmy as Nivea lip balm though. It leaves a slight glossy look but it's not as glossy as a lip gloss or balm.

Here are the swatches:
swatches of #03 Juicy Apple (with flash) on my mom's wrist

swatches of #09 (with flash) Neon Red on my wrist

Both colors are sheer and low in pigmentation via 1 swipe. however, the colors can be built up but only slightly. You can compared the color of 1 swipe with the color of 4 swipes.

As my mom has a darker skin tone compared to mine, it kinda hard to compare the differences on both gloss colors huh? Hence, here's both swatches (w/o flash) on my wrist:
If you look closely, the color of #03 Juicy Apple is a sheer red. Whilst for #09 Neon Red, the color looks more like pink. That's what it looks like to me.

In my opinion, #03 Juicy Apple, which supposed to have an apple scent, does really have an apple scent. It's very mild though. As for #09 Neon Red, which supposed to be mild and natural scented, does have a stronger, sweeter fragrance than #03 Juicy Apple. It smells fruity like sweet berry which I don't really like it. Apparently, I'm not fond of fruity scented lips product that's why I got the light scented ones. But sadly, the scent of #09 Neon Red is not what I have expected.

P/S: For the following points, I can't share my opinion/verdict on #03 Juicy Apple because after all, it belongs to my mom. For hygiene purposes, I'm not gonna try the gloss bar.  Thus, I just gonna write about #09 Neon Red with a little comparison with #08 Neon Yellow.

Moisturizing Power:
Same as #08 Neon Yellow, #09 Neon Red is not as moisturizing as Nivea lip balm. If you have dried and chapped lips like I do, few hours after application, the color kind of runs into the cracks and makes the dried and chapped lips looks more obvious. That's what happened to me so what I usually do is that I will put on a layer of Nivea lip balm on my lips prior application of this Petite Bunny Gloss Bar. On a positive note, it's not very drying like a lipstick. The moisturizing level is somewhere in between a lipstick and a lip balm.

Staying Power:
The color of #09 Neon Red does last except if you eat or drink. It does come off easily when you eat or drink. I usually have to re-apply it after eating or drinking.

- 2-in-1, lip balm + tint formula = tinted lip balm
- color is sheer and build-able yet not too bold
- the adorable packaging!
- light scented (for #03)
- not very drying like a lipstick
- easy to glide on lips
- portable and lightweight
- not sticky

- lousy retractable/twisting function; once the product got twisted-up, it can't be twisted back into the stick! (happens to some of the petite bunny gloss bars)
- the scent of #09 (too sweet fruity in my opinion)
- the color of #09 (it's not neon red; it's more pinkish tone instead)
- not as glossy as Nivea lip balm or a lip gloss
- emphasizes on dried and chapped lips

- moisturizes but not as moisturizing as Nivea lip balm
- color comes off easily when eating or drinking

Verdict: I picked the #09 Neon Red mainly because it claims that it's light-scented. As I have said before..., I hate sweet fruity scented lips product. I prefer a mild and natural scented or scent-less lips product. However, #09 Neon Red seems to have a stronger scent compared to #08 Neon Yellow and #03 Juicy Apple, which I'm not fond of. Also, the color of #09 is not what I have expected. Well, being named as "Neon RED" yet the color turns out to be more towards pink tone...  ...i'm speechless... Sigh, it's really a great disappointment. In fact, I actually like the color and the scent of #03 Apple more than #09 Neon Red. Anyway, up to present, I still love #08 Neon Yellow and it is still my number one favorite lips product/color. 

People who like a soft and sheer natural-looking lip color, you might want to give Petite Bunny Gloss Bar a try. They are perfect for everyday natural makeup look. 

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