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Review: Innisfree It's Real Rose Mask

Innisfree It's Real Rose Mask (20ml)

Before I begin with the review, I have an announcement...

Notice: All enquiry emails received on 4th August 2014 and onwards, I will not be replying soon cause I'm terribly ill... . Please pardon my late email response...

Having fever up and down for three days and it's not yet fully controlled. It kind of comes and goes anytime it wants. Urgh! As a result, my body and brain aren't functioning at all; weak and dizzy. Aside from that, I'm also having flu, sore throat and cough. It's just miserable.  But no worries, I am taking medicines and am in the process of recovering. SLEEP, SLEEP and MORE SLEEP is my life for this week. Basically, I spend more time asleep because my medicines cause drowsiness. Each time after taking the medicines, I will start to feel drowsy and tadahhh, back to dreamland. I only wake up for meals, WC and medicines. Such life reminds me of Pokemon "Snorlax". 

Anyway, I just took the pills and am waiting for the drowsiness to begin. So meanwhile, I shall quickly update my blog. I have finished writing the content of this post last weekend and this post has been sitting in the draft box for quite some time. Initially supposed to publish on Tuesday but I have not done with the pictures so I can't publish it that day. As you can see, I actually replaced it with Giveaway #07 post, which I have completed writing during the weekend, too. Check out the giveaway #07 here:

Am I talking writing too much crap Well, I will just jump into the review now. 


Description: This Real Mask infused with rose extract, blend of herb complex water and ingredients from nature which helps to moisturize and protect the skin from environmental stressors while providing adequate nutrition. It also adds vitality and energy to your skin.

1. After cleansing, use toner to refine skin texture.
2. Take out the mask from the packet.
3. Position the upper mask around the eye area and remove the white film and attach to the skin. Then place the lower mask around the mouth area and adhere to the skin.
4. Remove the sheet after 20 minutes and gently pat to allow the remaining formula to absorb into the skin.

Price: SGD$2 per piece

I will skip the "Packaging" point as there's nothing much to talk about. Basically, it just pretty much similar to every other mask sheets' packaging. Hence, I will just move on to the mask sheet.

After tearing off the packet, there's a folded mask sheet and it is well-soaked with essence without any dripping mess.

This is how the mask sheet looks like. 

Unlike other mask sheets, Innisfree It's Real Mask has two little flaps for the eye area, which I really like a lot. Do take note, the two pictures above were taken after I used the mask so the mask sheet may look a bit dry(lack of essence). Well, all the essence had been absorbed into my skin~

Color & Consistency:
Like other mask sheets in the market, it is well-soaked with a colorless, essence-like extract. The mask sheet/cloth itself is thin and soft.

Just like it's name, it's indeed a rose mask. Totally smells like rose! It reminds me of rose water toner. Calming and soothing yet moisturizing.

Moisture Test:
Before using the mask, my skin moisture level was 32.6%.
After using the mask, my skin moisture level increased to 52.1%.

Moisture gained before and after the mask application was 19.5%.

Comparing the result taken before and after the mask application,
I concluded that this mask is moisturizing.

- natural ingredients formula; non-harsh
- contains rose extract
- mask comes with little flaps for the eye area
- well soaked with adequate amount of essence
- calming + soothing + moisturizing effect
- leaves skin feeling supple, soft and smooth to the touch
- reduce redness and skin irritation
- sensitive-skin friendly
- the scent!

- leaves a sticky feel after application. The stickiness will reduce after applying moisturizer.

- temporary brightening effect (but it does not bother me)
- does not have excess amount of essence compared to The Face Shop and My Beauty Diary Mask Sheet.

Verdict: Unlike The Face Shop and My Beauty Diary Mask Sheet, which contain a generous (extra) amount of essence in the pack, this Innisfree It's Real Rose Mask does not have any excess amount of essence. In fact, not a single drop can be pour out from the packet after taking out the piece of mask sheet. But I'm not sure if this happens to other Innisfree It's Real mask. I have yet to try out others. On the positive side, the mask sheet is well-soaked with an adequate amount of essence. It's sufficient thus, I guess I shouldn't whine too much~ 

As the mask sheet contains rose extract, it has a rose aroma which provides calming effect to the mind! Yet at the same time, it gives the skin a boost in hydration and soothe the skin, reducing redness and skin irritation. All in all, in my opinion, this is a soothing and hydrating mask. Perfect for relaxation after a long day. 


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