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Review: Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

 Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask (100ml) [Re-updated]
Description: This Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask contains 3000mg of Jeju Volcanic Cluster, which intensively absorbs sebum, tightens and clarifies skin pores.

About Jeju volcanic scoria:
This pure and rare ingredient, formulated from solidified lava caused by volcanic eruptions in Jeju island, absorbs impurities and sebum that are deeply embedded within skin pores.

4-free formula:
- NO Artificial fragrance
- NO Paraben
- NO Animal-deprived ingredients
- NO Mineral oil

- Deep cleanses
- Tightens pores
- Remove blackheads
- Remove sebum
- Prevents skin troubles
- Improve skin tone

Directions: After cleansing and refining skin with toner, gently smooth over entire face, avoiding the eye and lip area. Rinse off with lukewarm water after 15 minutes. (Use 1-2 times per week)

The jar of clay mask is packed in a cube-shaped box made of recycled paper. The lid has the words "• jeju volcanic pore clay mask • pore clearing and care" being molded the lid's surface.

The jar itself is made of plastic with an aluminium(?) screw-off lid. (I think...)

Once opened, there is an unsealed plastic cover covering the opening.

Consistency & Color:
It has a soft creamy texture. Color as seen in photo — pinkish-greyish clay. 

Demonstration on my mom's hand:
Apply adequate amount on desired area. Leave it on for 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes, massage and rinse off with lukewarm water. My mom rinsed off with cold water though.

No fuss at all~ It's easy to rinse off despite using cold water.

Ta-dahh~! Can you notice the difference?
It did brighten the dull skin tone just like what it claimed! Look at that gloooooow~ wooooooooooo

It does not have an artificial scent to it but it does have a pure natural clay scent.

- the "recycle" concept
- the formula — "4-free"
- deep cleanses
- help with sebum absorption
- easy to smooth out the clay and easy to rinse it off
- leaves skin feeling soft and smooth to the touch
- brighten up the skin complexion
- minimizes the skin pores
- does not break me out; prevent future breakout instead
- does not dry up the skin
- prevent makeup from caking
- sensitive-skin friendly
- one jar can lasts really long
- perfect for summer use

- does not remove blackheads as claimed
- does not heal zit but it kind of help to prevent future breakout
- does not come with spatula

Verdict: This is one of my all-time favorite masks! This is my third jar by the way~ I use it every once a week. It deep cleanses, unclogs pores leaving skin feeling clean, soft and smooth and breakout-free! It minimizes the appearance of pores yet it also improves dull skin complexion, leaving skin looking brighter and more radiant. It prevent makeup from caking too. Best part? It's not drying at all!

On the downside, it does not remove my blackheads as claimed. Besides that, it does not come with a spatula. I extremely hate dipping my fingers in to scoop out the product. I find it unhygienic! I'm glad I owned several spatulas at home.  For those who do not have a spatula, you can use Q-tip to scoop out the product.

By the way, Innisfree Jeju Volcanic range has another version of mask called the "Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask". The SUPER version is more powerful in cleansing the pores. Enough said. I will be writing a review about the SUPER version in the future so I will be holding back the details for now. Thus, stay tuned. 

- UPDATE on 2nd December 2014 -
Check out my review on Innisfree SUPER Volcanic Pore Clay Mask here:

- UPDATE on 31st July 2015 - 
Check out my review on the new Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask:


  1. Ive been reading your posts all night, I'm planning to purchase online soon and your blog has helped me a lot! I'm a fan from now on

    1. Hello there~
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  2. I've been wanting to try this mask for so long! It's just that we don't have Innisfree in Malaysia. Thanks so much for this post as this reminds me to get it. hehe I'll be sure to pick this up on my next online purchase!
    Love, Mira |

  3. Hi♥ Never tried InnisFree products before... But Im really interested to try this one ^^ Sadly it doesnt remove blackheads, but in the end your hand looked so moisturized♥

    Follow you now♥ Your blog is soo nice♥ Actually reccommended it on mine ^^
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