Saturday, January 04, 2014

CLOSED: 2014 Giveaway #05

Since it's the beginning of a new Year, I shall start off the Year with a Giveaway Post! Awesome? Excited? Lol.

GIVEAWAY #05! (Only ONE winner)
start on 4th January 2014, SGT 07:30PM
end on 30th January 2014, SGT 10:00PM

This is what you will be winning:
A set of THREE Mizon Sexy-bud Magic Lipstic
Consist of 3 different shades:
53 Lavender Green42 Fly To The Sky & 28 Romance Pink
Manufacture Date: 2012/06/18, 2012/07/03, 2012/07/30
PS: I got them during a sale so you know...the manufacture date is not the latest/recent ones... :x but don't worry, I asked the saleslady about the expiry date before making a purchase. She told me with proper storage, usually unopened lipstick has a shelf life of about 3 years. Once opened, it can lasts for a year. Join this giveaway if you don't mind the manufacture date... :x 

In the picture, you can see there are 4 boxes but do take note, I'm only giving away THREE. One of the boxes(42 Fly To The Sky) in the picture is mine~! 

More information about the lipstick:
Ingredients List (Click to enlarge the picture~)
PS: I can't tell if it's as good as it claims because I have yet to try mine... 

Just in case you guys don't know, Mizon is a Korean brand well known for their skin care and makeup products such as their All-in-One Snail line, Highly Enriched Ampoule, Eye Cream, BB & CC Cream, Lip products and many maaaany more!

Here are a little information about them:

Check out their website at (Korean)
Check out their Facebook Page at (Korean)


You just have to send your entry via email to subject to "WIN Giveaway #5"~! However, there are a few rules to follow...

The Rules:
*Pick either one. You can pick both if you want to. :)*

1. BE A FOLLOWER OF MY BLOG - Follow my blog via Google Friend Connect (GFC) and/OR Bloglovin'. You can find the bloglovin' 'follow me' button and GFC 'join this site' button on my side bar. And when you are sending the entry via email, let me know that you have followed me. Also, do let me know if you want me to follow you back~ :)


2. SPREAD THIS GIVEAWAY MESSAGE TO EVERYONE! - Share this giveaway in your Blog, Facebook, Twitter and/or any other Social Networking Site (SNS) to let everyone know about this giveaway. If you shared the message, let me know the link or send me a screenshot picture. I would love to read them. 

Here are some examples... For Twitter/Facebook:
Ex 1: Join BITSDIARIES's Mizon Lipsticks Giveaway! @
Ex 2: A set of THREE Mizon Sexy-bud Lipsticks GIVEAWAY! Come join~ @
Ex 3: BITSDIARIES is hosting a giveaway of a set of THREE Mizon Sexy-bud Lipsticks. It's easy to enter the contest and is OPEN INTERNATIONALLY so come try your luck~ @

For blog post...,
I will be really grateful if you choose to write a short or a lengthy post in your blog~ XD
If you are writing a blog post, here's the code for the picture/banner:

You can copy and paste it in your blog post. :)

That's the rules. Simple? hehehehe~

Besides the rules, there are other T&Cs as well, which I will state them at the bottom of the post. Please do take some time to read them. :)

All in all, just FOLLOW either my GFC or bloglovin' OR SHARE this giveaway via your blog, twitter, facebook or any Social Networking Site(SNS) and send me your entry via email to subject to "WIN Giveaway #05"together with the following details in your email entry:
- [Your Name]
- [Your Email Address]
- [Your Country]

So I hereby announce...
Readers/Passersby, from all over the globe, you can join this giveaway! :D

Good luck to all who participated in this giveaway~

Other T&Cs:
*Multiple entries are NOT allowed. One entry per participant. More than one entry per participant will result in disqualification.
* Entries received without the prerequisite information will be deemed invalid.
*All prizes will be mailed via SingPost.
*Winner will be announced on my blog on 1st February 2014 and will be notified by email directly. (Dear participants, do check your email inbox and/or junk mail folder on that day!)
*Winner who fail to respond within the next 3 days will be forfeited. New winner will be drawn.


  1. I already follow you on GFC and blog lovin.. let's follow each other :D if you don't mind..
    I made a post about this giveaway too, please check my blog :
    Btw, thanks for this ongoing giveaway, I hope that I can win.. and it's nice to know you Ashley :) :)

  2. I followed you on gfc! Thank you so much!

  3. Really nice giveaway! The princess lipsticks are so adoreable ! I nominated you to the Sunshine & Versatile Blogger awards<3

  4. Thanks for lovely giveaway. Done all steps.Sent Email to you :)


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