Monday, December 09, 2013

New Layout, New Look for the coming New Year!

So as the title goes... "NEW LAYOUT, NEW LOOK..."! ...
I revamped this blog with a much simple layout~

It's been 2 years since I last changed the blog layout. And as you readers know, Year 2013 is ending sooooooon(in about 3+ weeks) therefore, I decided to redesign and change the layout. A new look and feel for the coming New Year~ :)

Previous layout
Well, I spent less than 24 hours designing and creating the layout(header/banner and such...) and unlike previous layout , colorful(scrapbook inspired design), this time, I decided to keep it simple by using only white, grey and black.

Since I am very eager to change my blog layout, I changed it earlier than I had planned. lol. so yeahh.., I hope you guys like this new look. :D



  1. Hey Ashley! Haha :D loving the minimalist style. But I do love your header. It's like wearing a statement necklace with a nude dress! Pardon the metaphor. Hehe
    xx, Mira |

  2. Love your blog layout. You pick the right one. It looks more cleaner and nicer. Nice blog! You can visit my site too and we can follow each other on GFC and other connecting sites. Just let me know. Keep in touch dear :)

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog. Followed you via GFC~ :)


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