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2013 November & December Haul + Back-To-School Haul

2013 is bidding it's goodbye in a few days time and 2014 is coming to a beginning, I have to show my last shopping haul of the month year~

As the title goes... "2013 November & December Haul + Back-To-School Haul"~ I will just post all the stuff I got during both of the months without according to when I bought them. Without further ado, let's get started~

Let's start with "Back-To-School Haul" first~~:

School supplies/essentials~! From Popular Bookstore.
10 pockets red clear files, an opaque slip-in file folder, Scream City ring-binder notebook and notepad, Post-it notes (orange and yellow), Uni Promark View Highlighters (yellow), Pental Correction Tape and Correction Pen and lastly, 5 Uni Colored Pens.

These are the stuff(brands and model) I have been using over the years. I never really switch to other brands unless certain model is discontinued. That being said, I will definitely get back the same thing(probably different color) when I need to get a new one. Anyway, the highlighters I have gotten are something new to me. I have been using the Uni Propus Window highlighter for years but I can't find it in Popular Bookstore anymore so I bought it in another version. Here's a quick peek on the Uni Propus Highlighter:
(Picture credit: )
This is the one I have been using over the years. It is a double-sided highlighter — wide tip on one end and a fine tip on the other. What's so special about this highlighter is that it has a little window built into the wide tip which allows you to see what and where you are highlighting.

The version I have gotten this time is also from the brand 'Uni' and it works the same:
(Picture credit:
It's called the Uni Promark View highlighter. It is a one-sided highlighter and it comes with a wider window tip. The difference between this and the Uni Propus is that this is much thicker(something I dislike about...). Instead of the pen-like shape like the Uni Propus, this has a thicker body(= a thicker grip) and also has a thicker tip. With that said, I still prefer the Uni Propus. Perhaps I need to try searching at other stores... :x

Another school item I need to rave about is...
the Uni.ball Signo DX pen in 0.38! (Gel-ink pen)
My Uni.ball Signo DX pens collection~!

I have been using these pens for almost 10 years now and I'm still loving them! The pens write smoothly and have a comfortable grip. I love using them to do notes and mind maps~ They make my work look more interesting~

They come in a variety of colors and this time, I only got 4 new colors(minus the navy blue). FYI, I do not own all the colors from the line... There are a few more colors I did not get yet. Not sure if I will get it in the future though... But anyway, the blue and black ones come in separate refill pack. So usually when I finished my ink I will get the refill pack. But this time I got the blue one as well because I dropped mine on the floor and it got a crack on the case. :(

One of the most important things that should not be left out are SCHOOL BAGS! I got two backpacks in different sizes and design — One for 'laptop-days', another one for 'non-laptop days'.
Big backpack
Small backpack

The big backpack is big enough to fit in my 15-inch Macbook Pro so during those days when I need to bring my laptop to school, I will just carry the big backpack and the smaller one I planned to carry it during "no-laptop" days. Days where I only need to bring textbooks... Got both in Navy Blue because Navy Blue is easier to match outfit and the color is not as stiff as black~ And also, for days where I don't have to bring many stuff to school, I will carry handbag/shoulder bag instead.

Moving on...

SGD$145 worth of clothes and pants~ From Taiwan.

These are my back-to-school outfits~ Picked up a lot of sweatshirts, hoodies and checkered blouses. They are good in keeping warm during cold weather or in cold environment. FYI, I don't really well dress up(like a fashionista) for school. In fact, I love wearing simple and casual outfit, such as a simple tee with a pair of jeans/shorts and with a pair of converse sneaker/flats to school. I do wear formal outfit when there's presentation/events going on though. But for most of the time, I wear really simple(dress down) outfits~

On the other hand, I also got a dress for next year's Chinese New Year~(from Taiwan as well..) Too early?...lolol... Actually, I am ready for Chinese New Year (like what outfit to wear, what bag to carry etc. )~ I know I'm a bit 'KIASU'... LOLOL. HAHAHA. I don't like last minute shopping neither do I like to shop with a crowd of people. With that said, I always get well-prepared supeeeeer early before events occur. So if you followed my Twitter, you probably saw the dress. lol. Here's the picture:
So, this is one of my CNY outfits next year~
I worn it out on Christmas eve this year.
So it's not a "new" dress/outfit for CNY anymore but well, who cares... 

A black studded shoes from one of the shoes' shop in Bugis Street.
Got it for SGD$15.
Close-up shot.
Omg, I absolutely love the spike cone studs! Look at how sharp they are!!
Can be use as a weapon FYI~ Like durian huh!? HAHAHAHAHAA~!
I got 'poke/stung' a few times and it does hurts like hell! 

Got another pair of shoes from some online shop; A pair of wedges.
I love the hot pink trim around the shoes!

The last Back-To-School item I got is...:
2014 PLANNER from Korea.
This can't be left out too! It's good to have a planner to keep things organized. I know nowadays Iphone/Android have many kinds of planner app so it's 'lighter' and more convenient than a book. But I still prefer to use handwrite tho...... :)

So next..., "November & December Haul .aka. Misc Haul", things I bought that are not related to school stuff...

2 boxes of Etude House AC Clinic Daily Toner
10 pieces of Etude House AC Clinic Intense Mask Sheet
I ran out of mine so I did a stock up :)

Nail glitter nail art polish in "Gold" and "Silver" and...
Elizavecca nail polish in "Color of Drops"

Hello Kitty Ez-link cards!!
I did not collect all the designs cause it's too expensive. :(
Gonna get one more design tho..! 
Available from 30th Dec 2013.
Am waiting for 30th Dec which is tomorrow~ :x

Hello Kitty cups!

Ran out of chocolates in the fridge so did a stock up as well~

Got a mirror from IKEA
and also got a Travalo Perfume Spray bottle. It was on sale~ XD

My new swivel chair(from IKEA) for my bedroom!
Absolutely love the print!

Lastly, I bought many storage boxes from IKEA, for my bedroom too. I received a storage bed frame this Christmas so I got some storage boxes from IKEA to keep my things neatly organized under the bed. Anyway, no pictures yet... Will post the pictures up when my bed frame arrived(a bedroom tour~...maybe...?). The company delivery schedule are fully booked till 15th Jan 2014 so I have to wait till next year 15th Jan to receive my new bed frame... :(

That's all for my haul. Hope you guys enjoyed it.

I'm not going to be online for the next couple of days because I will be very busy doing year end cleaning and also to get ready for school. I start school on 2nd Jan 2014.  Supposed to start school on 7th October 2013 but well, I missed the registration so... hahahah...

Anyway, I hereby wish everyone a Happy New Year, in advance!
May each and everyone of you have a great start of the new year ahead! :D

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  1. Oh, I miss those Signo pens! I definitely had like 15 colours back in high school. LOL now it's all about architectural technical pens. Sigh.
    I would love to get that mirror from IKEA as well. I think I saw it for about RM25 (SGD10), the other day and yeah, I'm gonna get it after I got back from the semester break later.
    Me too, actually. though I'm an avid iPhone/iPad user, I still prefer writing down stuffs in my Molang planner. definitely gonna get new ones soon. :)
    Last but not least, your dress is soooo cute! :)
    xx, Mira |


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