Friday, November 29, 2013

The Liebster Award

I got nominated by Mira again~ This time it's The Liebster Award!

Big thank you to Mira once again~ :D

Here are Mira's SNS info~ Do check her out yeah~?:
Google+(do follow her GFC too~):

Simple rules!
The Liebster Award is for those who have less than 200 followers on Bloglovin , this is a great opportunity for small and new blogs to find new readers and connect with everyone in the blogging community!

If I have nominated you, all you have to do is to accept the award, give me a follow-back via Bloglovin, Google Friend Connect and/or Twitter(if you want to~). Then answer a few questions!

When you nominate other bloggers, please make sure that you are following them and send them a message letting them know that you have done so. The number of bloggers they're suggesting is 11.

Let me first answer the questions tagged by Mira.

1. When do you start using skincare?
I started using skincare when I was a teenager(aged 13 or 14, I think). Back then I only used a cleanser.

2. What is your favorite skincare brand? Why?
I absolutely love AC CLINIC Line from Etude House! Read "My Acne Story" Page to know why~ :)

3. What is the most expensive skincare product that you've used before? How was it?
Bionike. For me, it sucks because it does not suits my skin. It broke me out BADLY. my god. :(

4. The most regrettable skincare product you ever bought? Why?
The product I've mentioned in Qns 3. As I have said, it broke me out...

5. Your opinions on makeup?
Makeup is a beauty enhancer! It helps enhances your looks, accentuate your facial features and make you look more presentable.

6. What is your favourite makeup brand? Share your must-haves from this brand.
I don't have a specific favorite makeup brand because my favorite makeups are all from different brands. So I will just list my must-haves(current) from different brands...:
- The Face Shop Power Perfection BB Cream
- DHC Medicated Acne Concealer
- Holika Holika Jewel-like eyeliner
- Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar
- Nivea Lip Balm

7. Foundation or BB Cream? Share me your must-haves with us.
Definitely BB Cream! As stated previously, The Face Shop Power Perfection BB Cream is my favorite must-haves BB Cream. The coverage is superb!

8. Your most favourite makeup palettes and brush sets?
I don't have a favorite makeup palettes so I can't list any. As for brush sets, I like Ecotools brushes. They are sooooooo soft~! :)

9. Which celebrity looks inspired you the most?
Which celebrity looks inspired me the most.....hmm...errr... to be honest, I don't have a specific inspirational figure... But I like how koreans do their makeup. They always have a flawless natural makeup look which I really love~

10. What's your all-time favourite show/series? Why?
I don't have a particular favorite show/series but I do like COMEDY shows/genre because it will make me happy!

11. Top 3 places you want to go. Share with us why.
1) Any places where I can catch a glimpse of AURORA! I saw it on TV, it's damn stunning! If I can see and experience the aurora in person, I will be damn happy laaaa and I will die with no regrets! lol.
2) Paris! It's a city full of arts!♥
3) Any places where I can see a lot of stars and shooting stars. Reason? I LOVE star-gazing! But sadly, Singapore sky is much too bright to view many of them clearly... :(

Moving on to...

My nominations:
- Joanne
- Dawn Doneza

As I have mentioned in previous award post, I don't visit nor follow blog unless people leave me a comment with a link and/or follow request in my blog. I don't interact much with people in the blogosphere so to nominate 11 bloggers is quite a difficult task for me. With that said, I only listed the ones I frequently visit.

And here are my questions for the nominees:
1. How do you deal with acne?
2. What do you do to prevent yourself from getting break out?
3. How often do you change your skincare routine?
4. What's your favorite concealer?
5. What do you think of fake eyelashes?
6. Do you wear mascara? If yes, do you know you are suppose to change mascara every 3 months? Do you follow that?
7. Tell me THREE make-up items you can't live without.
8. You are running late for class/work and you haven't done your makeup and you only have 3 minutes left. Would you rather be late - taking your time to put on your makeup or would you just go to class/work bare faced?
9. If you can only bring ONE thing out what would you bring — Wallet or Handphone?
10. What's your wishlist for Christmas?
11. What's your New Year's Resolution?

That's that.
Hope you enjoy reading and hope you guys have fun doing the questions. :)


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  2. Hey, Ashley! :D Thanks so much posting this up!
    You're so right about TheFaceShop Power Perfection BB Cream! I tried the samples and love it! Will definitely include it in my January Wishlist! :D
    I'm looking for a good brush set right now and you're the third person who I considered as voter for Ecotools. I do love the ones with bamboo handles.
    Me too! I love how natural looking Korean women makeups are! Especially how the rosy cheeks part.
    Ah, Paris~ Wish I could go there, too!
    Anyway, thanks again dear! hehe It feels right to nominate you cause I do love your reviews!
    xx, Mira |

  3. korean brands for the win! :) i also like kpop stars as a make up look inspiration but i feel like i cannot achieve the look somehow hehe. it must be bec my eyes are too round for it. congrats on you liebster award ashley! :)

  4. congratulations on this award :) love your blog

    would you like to follow each other? let me know
    Please follow my blog 'Heylinni' at:
    I will gladly follow you back!!! Us bloggers need to support each other


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