Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Review: Etude House AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Spot

Etude House AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Spot (20ml) [Re-updated]
Description(from the box): Formulated with Salicylic Acid and Hinoki Cypress, AC Clinic delivers trouble care. Pink Powder alleviates trouble swelling on contact to minimize damage. Comes with cotton swabs for application. Non-Comedogenic & Dermatologist Tested.

Directions(from the box): Do not shake bottle. After facial care, allows the powder to settle at the bottom. Perpendicularly dip cotton swab into bottle to draw powder from bottle. Use swab, coated with powder, to dab onto trouble spots and acne.

The set comes with a bottle of AC Clinic Pink Powder Spot (20ml), a bottle of AC Clinic Daily Spot (15ml) and a packet of cotton swabs .aka. q-tips.

The Pink Powder Spot comes in a sturdy glass bottle with a plastic screw-off cap.

How to use?:
Do not shake the bottle! Allows the powder to settle at the bottom. 
Then use a cotton swab .aka. q-tip and dip it perpendicularly into the powder in the bottle. Pull out the cotton swab/q-tip and apply it to the pimples.

It leaves a pink powder layer upon application. Therefore, I don't recommend you to use it in the day unless you plan to stay at home the whole day. Also, I don't recommend you to wear this under make-up. If you are looking for a spot treatment that can be use under make-up, you can try the day version spot treatment which is also from the Etude House AC Clinic line, called the Etude House AC Clinic Intense Liquid Spot. (Review: link)

Consistency and Color:
It has a pink powdery texture.

It has a medicated herby scent to me.

- contains salicylic acid
- dry up and heal pimples effectively
- no breakout or irritation; suits sensitive skin
- easy to use
- easy to wash it off

- the powder may stains pillow/pillow case easily (can be washed off)
- the liquid in the bottle finish faster than the powder

- does not treat acne marks/scars
but I'm fine with this since I can treat the marks/scars with Hiruscar Post Acne Gel (Review: link)

Here's my 5 days of 'experiment':
PS: All the photos were taken on different day/time so the lighting may vary. NO makeup or editing... errr... actually..., I did edit... — cropped, combined all photos into one and added in watermarks and dates. That's it. NO major editing though.
During the day, I will use Etude House AC Clinic Intense Liquid Spot (Review: link) and at night, I will use Etude House AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Spot.

Day 1: A nasty, inflamed zit decided to come out to play... 
Day 1 (night): Dab some pink powder spot on the zit. I use the pink powder spot every night until the zit is completely healed.
Day 2: You can notice that the zit got dried up.
Day 3: The layer of dried acne scab has peeled off and there is an open wound.
Day 4: The zit/pimple has gone away but the open wound is not fully healed yet. The wound is barely noticeable though.
Day 5: The wound has healed and it leaves a flat pinkish-red acne mark/scar. It's time to treat the acne mark/scar~

Once the zit has fully healed, I will proceed on to treat the acne mark/scar with Hiruscar Post Acne Gel. (Review: link)

Verdict: This night spot treatment does not treat acne marks/scars but it is very effective in healing zits. It dries and heals zit within a week without causing any irritation or overly drying problem. I absolutely love it sooooo muuuuuuuchh~! Like the AC Clinic cleanser, this has always been in my holy grail skincare product list too! You can read "My Acne Story" page to know why. I can't stress how much I love the AC Clinic line. Their products had helped to deal with my horrible acne. Though back then halfway through the progress there were some drying problem, I don't find the line drying for my skin now. It works perfectly for my skin and I'm loving it!

People who have trouble with acne, you might want to give this spot treatment and/or other AC Clinic line's products a shot! :)

*Update on 27th June 2016: This product has been revamped, and it's now called AC Clean Up Pink Powder Spot Set.


  1. Where did you purchase the foam cleanser and powder spot? How much was it? Thank you!: )

    1. I got them from Gmarket. If I’m not mistaken, it cost around ₩19000 in total… Sorry I can’t remember the price… ><”

      International Buyer: http://english.gmarket.co.kr/
      Singapore Buyer: http://www.gmarket.com.sg


  2. hello, Ashley! Whoa~ This sure looks going to work with my lil' sis who's breaking out like I never seen before! Thanks for sharing dear!

    BTW, I have nominated you to this Liebster Award! Let's get to know a little bit more about each other! Happy tagging! :D
    Check out for more info in my blog!

    xx, Mira

  3. hi! did you put the pink powder every night for the 5 days? because i only see the pink in the first night photo

    1. Hello there~ Ahh, sorry for the confusion...(`_´)ゞ
      Yeap, I applied it every night for the 5 days.
      Hope this helps.


  4. What is the pink powder water used for?

    1. The pink powder water is a day version pimple/spot treatment. If I'm not wrong, it has been discontinued and replaced by Liquid Spot.

      Hope this helps. :)

  5. hi,I a bit confusing for pink power water and pink powder spot ..which powder I need using first? and both powder can I apply in same time? beside that I also got purchase red spot balm for scar..so I don't know using powder first or red spot balm first?

    1. Hello there~

      Pink Powder Water is a DAY treatment while Pink Powder Spot is for NIGHT treatment.

      Apply Red Spot Balm first, follow by pimple treatment.

      Hope this helps.

  6. Hi ashley were can i buy the hiruscar gel ?

  7. Today received my kit! O M G! It's so amazing!
    I have combine skin type and always struggles with zits. Coz of some areas of my skin are dry some areas are oily i just couldn't find GOOD product for my crazy skin.

    Even doctors just couldn't find any cure for my zits. Skin became just even worse!
    Year earlier i used AC clinic foam and i was impressed by it. But than i decided to try another related products and NOTHING can compare to this anti-acne line.

    I always have break outs before (10 days before) "this days". Skin just looks gross and terrible. I almost surrended to get fine skin...

    Gosh i'm so happy i got back to AC clinic series and buy even more products from this line. Whan to purcase almost all products.

    Also i think some watery products needed. This serie can dry out your skin coz of it's intense effect.

  8. Hi! I've been using this product for more than three months and it really helped me with my acne problems. Please check out my review as well at http://amazingmimi.blogspot.com/2015/10/a-review-on-etude-house-ac-clinic.html

  9. hi ashley, can i use compact powder after i use the lotion? cuz in my skin, the lotion makes my face oily


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