Sunday, June 02, 2013

Review: Etude House Dear My Nails Easy Peel-Off Base Coat

Etude House Dear My Nails Easy Peel-Off Base Coat (10ml)
A peel-off base coat that allows you to remove all kinds of nail polish(including glitter polish) without hassle. You don't have to use a nail polish remover and cotton pad to rub back and forth over your nails to remove the nail polish. All you need to do is to just peel it off!

Here's how the brush looks like.

- dry fast
- remove all kinds of nail polish easily (good for glitter polish :D)
- a thin layer does the job well !
- the formula is not streaky
- easy to use and apply
- mess-free
- time saving! (for glitter polish removal)

- not long-lasting; peeled nail polish off easily(chipped)
- does leave some residue on the nails after peeling off but it can be easily cleaned off using nail polish remover

At first, I applied a thick layer and it took really long to dry. I couldn't wait so I got them removed and re-apply with a thinner layer. It dried up within 1-2 minutes. Though I only applied a really thin layer, it didn't make it hard to peel off. :)

P/S: I painted my nails on Friday night(31st May 2013) and peeled it off on Sunday afternoon(2nd June 2013).
Nail polish used in the demonstration~

This is how my nails looked after applying the Peel-Off Base Coat. It looks just like a normal base coat and the formula is not streaky at all.

After the base coat dried up, I continued to paint my nails with China Glaze Golden Enchantment followed by Etude House Dear My Party Nails (PBE102) and finished off with Essie Good To Go Top Coat.

This afternoon(Sunday), I decided to peel off the polish because some of it chipped off. The base coat does not keep the nail polish from chipping... it chipped itself off too...
Anyway, I picked at the edge of the polish till it lifted up and then peeled it off. It's really easy to remove! As you can notice, it does leave some residue on the nail after peeling it off but it can be easily cleaned off using nail polish remover. 

 Pieces of peeled-off nail polish~

Clean nails :D

Verdict? Well, for me, I don't like to wear nail polish for long so I'm fine with the not long-lasting factor. What I like about this is... it easily remove all kinds of nail polish, including glitter polish! Glittery nails are gorgeous BUT it is so hard to get them removed! People who used glitter nail polish before should know how hard it is to remove them. (-_-")

I used to avoid wearing glitter nails because I need to spend time on removing them(almost impossible -.-) and whenever I removed them, I would ended up with a lot of mess. Little tiny glitter EVERYWHERE!(on hands, fingers, floor, table, chair, shorts, shirt etc; all stained with glitter...) This base coat prevents the mess, which is why I like it. :D


  1. Thanks for the review :) I can't wait to buy this :D glitter nail polishes are a girls best friend and worst enemy at the same time :P

  2. Thank you for this review. I wasn't sure about buying this base, but now I will :D

  3. Thanks for this review. :) just painted on my first coat of this stuff, waiting for it to dry now... then I can paint my nails the glitteriest of the glittery polishes I own lol one that I was scared to use until this base coat.
    Seriously thanks for the fantastic review. :0)

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