Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Review: Sato Tenol Solution Roll-On Deodorant

Sato Tenol Solution Roll-On Deodorant (30ml)
- A powerful yet gentle deodorant to keep you dry and odor-free for 24 hours.
- Contains double astringents to effectively inhibit perspiration and prevent excessive sweat production. It helps to keep your skin dry.
- For neutralizing smell of armpit and restraining perspiration
- The antibacterial agent, Pheoxetol, neutralizes embarrassing smell from armpit by eliminating odor-producing bacteria.
- Tenol solution is formulated for rapid absorption. It does not stain your clothes
- Neutral smell, Suitable for both genders.

Directions: Apply appropriate amount onto washed and dry skin/armpit once a day.
Composition: Water, Aluminum, Chlorohydrate, Alcohol, Polysorbate 80, Phenoxyethanol, Alcloxa, Fragrance.

This roll-on deodorant comes with a twist-off screw cap.

Look at how small it is~

Even though the ingredients list says it contains fragrance, but to me, I don't smell any fragrance to it. Neutral scent I guess...

- neutral scent; does not have overpowering fragrance
- effective! it leaves my skin dry and odor-free throughout the day
- does not stain the clothes
- it gets absorbed into the skin without leaving any sticky or wet residue
- compact size~
- easy to use

- kinda expensive for such a small bottle (I got it for SGD$7.90.)

I was impressed by this deodorant! It does works as what it claims to do! Besides that, I like that it does not have any overpowering fragrance! The neutral scent is just awesome cause it won't mess up with my perfume~~~~<3

People who sweat a lot especially during summer or people who are looking for neutral scent deodorant so that it won't mess up with your favorite perfume, try this! :)


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