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Review: SKIN & LAB Dr. Spot Clear Don't Touch Trouble

SKIN & LAB Dr. Spot Clear Don't Touch Trouble (15ml)
SKIN&LAB is not just another cosmetic brand but realization of true science based on plenty of dermatologist experiences. All products of SKIN&LAB are designed to provide dermatological solutions.
Description: Don't Touch Trouble with sophora extract works quickly to help calm the skin and restore skin comfort.
Directions: Apply to the affected area 2-3 times daily.

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(Source from SKIN&LAB)

It comes in a soft squeeze-able tube with a twist-off cap.

Consistency & Color:
Gel-like serum texture and opaque. After a few minutes of applying the product, it will get absorbed and become translucent.

Errr... not too strong? pretty much odorless? ps, I don't know how to describe for this... :/

- the ingredients & the formula
- easy to use
- works effectively on mild acne (whiteheads, flesh color zits etc)
- heals acne zits at the same time, reduce the redness of post acne marks/scarring
- not drying nor harsh; suits sensitive skin
- no side effect; no irritation
- not very sticky
- translucent :)
- can be used both day and night use

- takes a long period of time to dry and heal the pimples
- for me, it does not work on large painful hormonal pimples

Previously I was using the Etude House AC Clinic Pink Powder Spot which doesn't suit to use it in the day, especially if I'm going out, because it will leave an obvious layer/spot/mark after applying the product. So I got this SKIN&LAB Dr. Spot Clear Don't Touch Trouble to use it in the day. Right after I used up the AC Clinic Pink Powder Spot, I use the Dr. Spot Clear Don't Touch Trouble in the day and night. So far, I used up one and a half tube already.

Overall conclusion, I kinda like and hate this. lol.

I like it because it heals and dry up the pimples while minimize the redness of the acne scars/marks. That means when a pimple gets healed, the mark left on the skin will be less red and can be faded easily and much faster using a scar/spot treatment product(eg: whitening spot treatment). For me, using a scar/spot treatment, normally it takes 3-6 months(depends on how severe the acne is) to heal post acne mark. But after using this product, it takes 1-2 months to get rid of the mark. (PS: This only works on new zits, new acne marks.)

I hate it because it takes a long time to get rid of a pimple. Unlike other acne spot treatments which on average takes 3-5days or a week to heal a pimple, the period of time this product takes to heal my pimples various from 1-3 weeks. Another downside, it does not heal my large painful hormonal acne. :(

Even though I do have reasons to hate this product, I would still consider buying it because of the "speed up process" of healing acne mark/scar left after drying up a new pimple. Nowadays I seldom get large inflamed acne unless I'm having a bad life routine or it's "the time of the month"(life being a girl -.-) so since it works effectively for my whiteheads/flesh color zits, I don't mind making a repurchase. In fact, I already gotten another 3 boxes(as seen from first picture). :P I tend to use up a tube pretty fast because I apply a lot of the product on a pimple. LOL! XD As for "How I treat my hormonal acne?", well, Nexcare Acne Patch will do the job~! :D
(Read the review on Nexcare Acne Patch: link)

That's it for the product review. :)

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