Friday, November 23, 2012

Review: Y.E.T Shinning Mirror Ball Ultra Glitter Lip Gloss

Y.E.T Shinning Mirror Ball Ultra Glitter Lip Gloss (9g)
Let's look at the packaging box~ Isn't it pretty and adorable? I really like the design printed on the packaging box~ It's full of colors which makes me feel really happy just by looking at it~ That's my first impression of the product when I first received it. :D

Moving on to the main object — the lip gloss!
The lip gloss comes in a plastic bottle tube with a black plastic twist-off cap. As you can see, the name of the product is printed on the tube as well as a doll print. I think the doll print is actually the mascot(?) of Y.E.T, okay I'm not really sure but anyway, there are 3 of them and all of them look different. Lol.

I have to say that the doll looks a little scary to me. Well, perhaps it only affect me~ Honestly, I'm really afraid of dolls. They just look creepy... -_-" 

It comes in 4 colors — #01 Chandelier, #03 Sparkling Red, #04 Flash Rose and I got it in #02 Pink Champagne.

Just like most of the lip glosses out there, it comes with a sponge applicator which makes it easy for application.

Here's the swatch~:
The color is so gorgeous with tiny glitters, I mean really tiny, and the color can be semi-sheer to intense shade if you layer it on. Yes, you can build up the color; it's buildable~ :D 

It has a strawberry scent similar to the scent of My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yogurt Mask. It smells like Strawberry Pocky too~~~ 

It's glossy without being too thick. For me, I find it quite sticky even though I only applied a thin layer... If I were to rate the stickiness between 1(not tacky) to 10(very tacky), I would probably rate it a 7 or 8? [...] On the positive side, it's easy to apply on lips. 

Net weight: 9g
Lip Gloss bottle tube size: 10.8cm x 1.6cm 
Convenient to carry it around because of it's portable size.

Overall Conclusion: I personally dislike strawberry. I don't eat it neither would I want to apply a gloss that has a strawberry scent on my lips. If you ask me if I will purchase other colors, I would say no because I dislike sticky lip gloss(not even a slight tackiness...) so even though I really like the color and the packaging, I would not want to purchase the rest of the colors. :( People who wouldn't mind the lip gloss scent and the consistency/texture, you can go ahead and grab this. :)

Visit Y.E.T web page for more information:


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