Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Review: Etude House Tear Drop Liner

Etude House Tear Drop Liner (#1 White Tear) 8g

Etude House Tear Drop Liner available in 4 colors:
#1 White Tear/Innocent Tear/Crystal Color
#2 Silver Tear/Opal Color
#3 Pearl Tear/Pearl Pink Color
#4 Sun Light/Bronze Color
They have a lot of different names huh? LOL. - -"


I got mine in #1  
Probably you are wondering why my bottle labelled "Tear Eye Liner" instead of "Tear Drop Liner".. Well...beats me. :/ Honestly, I don't know why. But I guess it's old packaging or maybe printing error? Lol. It doesn't really matter because as long as I got it from Etude House and know that it's authentic then it's fine. It works and looks the same as "Tear Drop Liner"anyway. :)

(Apologies on the camera not focusing... -_-" I used the wrong camera to shoot this. :x Should have use DSLR instead of digital camera. Macro lens huh? lol :/ )
PS: The color of the close-up shots on the brush and swatch differ from actual product. :x

- Sparkly and pretty
- glitter particles are very fine and not overpowering
- brightens up the eyes
- thin brush applicator which makes it easy to apply and control the thickness during application
- not tacky or sticky after dried
- easy to remove with makeup remover
- cheap

- takes time or hard to dry if applied too much
- non-waterproof
- not long lasting for me because it will fade when rub (a con for me coz I like to rub my eyes lol)

I like to use this on my inner corner of my eyes and lower lash line. Overall, the shimmer and color are really pretty which is why I like it. :D


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