Monday, October 22, 2012

2012 September & October Haul

September & October Haul
The Face Shop Face it Power Perfection BB Cream in 02 Natural Beige
Got another 2 bottles because it was on sale. :D

Etude House Look At My Eyes Eyeshadow
From Top L-R to Bottom L-R: 
Look At My Eyes Icing BE101 (Vanilla Icing)
Look At My Eyes BE101
Look At My Eyes BR401
Look At My Eyes BR402

The Body Shop Colorglide Shine Lip Stick in 01 Cheeky Coral

Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Make-up Remover
Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Milk

Clean & Clear Deep Action Daily Pore Cleanser

Skin&Lab Dr. Vita Clinic Vitamin B & Vitamin K(for troubled skin)
Actually..., I don't know why I bought the vitamin creams... I don't even need to use them -.- I rarely get breakout nowadays unless I have a bad life routine(eg: sleeps late..) So hmm..., they probably will be left in a corner lol.. Anyway, I don't want to waste it so I gave Vitamin K to my mom because it claims that it helps with dark circle. :x

Skin&Lab Dr. Spot Clear Don't Touch Trouble/Spot Treatment

Mizon All-In-One Snail Repair Cream
Free Gift - Mizon Sakura Whitening Dual Mini Kit

SkinLite Nail Polish Remover Pads from SASA (Recommended by my friend)

Facial Sponge, Facial Scrub and Pimple Extractor~
Got all these from SASA.

Mirror with LED lights

Nivea Pure & Natural Action Deodorant

Converse high-cut Sneaker

Flats in Beige and Black from Love and City
I couldn't decide which colors to choose because I really like both colors so I got both of them. It also comes in Pink which I really like it as well but I find it difficult to match with my clothes. Lol.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S Instant Camera 
Omgosh, this was on sale and I got it! It's a steal!
Guess the price?~ HAHAHA
Got it at SGD$60~

10 packs Instax Polaroid frame
Instax Bag in Black
Photo Album in Red
Close-Up Lens

Corner Stickers & Label Stickers
Bought these for polaroid frame :x
Gonna do photo scrapbooking for ♥'s birthday present~ hehe :)

Bought nexcare patches, chiffon blouses, skinny jeans and denim jacket as well which I did not show the pictures here. That's all for the haul for both months. Spent extremely over my budget because of the whole instax set which I decided to buy it in the VERY last minute. - -" Films aren't cheap. tsk. I already spent close to my budget in the first place then I saw the instax camera on sales. Dang. I drained my wallet. :( I'm gonna ban myself from shopping next month. -_-


  1. What is the goldish (left corner bottom) 'etude house look at my eyes' shadow called? cause there are four eyeshadows but only 3 names (two are the sameD:) But such a pretty color!

    1. There are 4 names:

      From top left to right:
      - Look At My Eyes "Icing" BE101 (Vanilla Icing)
      - Look At My Eyes BE101

      From bottom left to right:
      - Look At My Eyes BR401 (Is this the one you're interested in? :3 )
      - Look At My Eyes BR402

  2. ah okat my bad, thx alot :D Can you tell me if the color is more gold or orange in real life? 'Cause I looked at many pictures of it, and sometimes it looks more gold but other times orange (ÖoÖ')

    1. I'm sorry, I suck at describing colors......... (._.") lolol.
      Do you mind if I email you the swatches picture instead?

      Either leave your email address here OR...
      You can email me at

      Thanks. XOXO. :)


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