Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Review: The Body Shop Colorglide Shine Lip Color

The Body Shop Colorglide Shine Lip Color in (01 Cheeky Coral)
I seldom visit The Body Shop store so I don't really know about their products. When I first saw the Colorglide Lipstick from Cleo Magazine(August 2012 issue), I know I am going to get it! I keep showing the magazine page to my friends and keep telling them "Omg, this is so pretty!! I want it! I want it!" LOL. I love coral color sooooo muchhhh~ By the way, I captured a photo from the magazine for you guys. WAHAHAHAA~
From Cleo Magazine(August 2012 issue), Page 102
After a month later..(PS: need to save up $$~ lol.), I visited The Body Shop... 
and yessssss~ finalllly..., I got the lipstick! By the way, it cost SGD$22.90.

Here are the swatches of the lipstick without flash(left) and with flash(right):
Isn't the color pretty? I really love it so much! The color is gorgeous! 
FYI, this is my holy grail lipstick at the moment~ :D 

- comes in 6 pretty shades
- sheer colors yet it's build-able
- moisturizing and not drying
- glides on smoothly
- contains FINE gold shimmer but not overpowering
- give a beautiful gaze of shine and color to the lips
- simple, lightweight, nice, compact packaging. it's not bulky

- I can't think of any because I really love the color so much! :D

I already added in another lipstick color, which is also from The Body Shop and same line/series as well, in 02 it's called Shell Pink I think..? to my wishlist. I forgot what's the color but I remember I have a little liking to it when I was swatching and trying out the colors on the back of my palm in the store~ So yeah, it's in my wishlist now!~ :D


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