Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Quick update...~

It's been more than 2 weeks since I last updated. Sincerely apologize for that... >.<
Have been really busy lately that I didn't have time to use the computer... That explains why I have not been updating and replying to comment. Sorry for all the late replies!! :x

Just a little notice, I will be away from this coming Saturday onwards till uhh...I don't know... I will be sending my macbook down to the HQ for repair... There are some battery issues which I definitely have to fix it before the warranty ends otherwise, I have to fork out my own pocket money to repair it once the warranty ends(October 2012). (-_-) I promise I will update my blog once I got back my macbook~ :P

I left 3 more days before departing with my computer (laughs)... so I would probably do some reviews for the next 3 days. Do stay tuned for the upcoming posts. Once again, apologize to those readers who constantly check my blog and left with disappointment and also to all the late replies etc. Sorrrrrrrrry~ :x


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