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Review: Mizon All-In-One Snail Repair Cream

Mizon All-In-One Snail Repair Cream 75ml
Description: This original snail mucus takes care of your all kind of skin problems in all-in-one skin care system on your first skin care step. It repairs tired and aging skin to be rejuvenating and it also the first protector of your naked skin.
Direction: At your first skin care step, apply proper amount of it to your face and let it absorbed into the deep skin.
**if you use a toner, then use this cream right after your toner. If not, then use this right after cleansing.
**it's a morning and night cream.

I can't stress enough how awesome this cream is! This is a miracle product! I have only used this for a month+ and the result it gives are truly amazing!!

After I read through the product articles(shown below), I bought the cream hopefully it would help heal my skin problems such as acne, post-acne hyperpigmentation/scars, redness, large pores etc. and to my surprise, it does work wonders! :)

*Photos credit to seller

*Photos credit to seller
Look at that! Omg, how it helped to clear up those monster zits!

I was sold to the cream after I saw these pictures review. -_-" To be honest, I used to have bad acne somewhat similar(whole cheek broke out! :( ) but not as bad as what's in the picture. But still, it's pretty bad to me. -_-"After clearing up all the zits, I have been searching for good products to control and maintain my somewhat clear skin. Well, I can't say that I have a totally flawless skin because I do still get zits occasionally and I still have post acne marks left from the horrible breakout. Anyway, before I make the purchase, I did more research on it because you know...sometimes consumer reviews can be fabricated. -_-

But don't worry~, I'm a honest reviewer! Trust me! :D

The cream comes in a sturdy glass jar container with a plastic twist-off screw cap. Right inside there is a plastic cover and it comes without a spatula. TSK! :(

It's 'slime-y'(like real snail slime/mucin) and sticky gel-like texture but no worry, it's not sticky after it absorbs into the skin. It's a non-greasy lightweight cream and it's not heavy at all.

As you can see from the pictures, the cream is in white color which absorbs into the skin without leaving a white cast/layer on the skin.

It's fragrance-free! However, it does have a faint smell which I don't really know how to express...smell like a pure, raw and natural snail extract cream without adding in fragrance(?) [... ... ...] I don't know what I'm talking about... Orz [...] lol.  It does not have a strong or bad smell anyway.

- contain 92% of snail secretion fitrate!
- all-in-one function!
- lightweight cream. it's not heavy at all!
- helps in skin regenerating
- speed up acnes and hyperpigmentation/scars healing!
- lighten and get rid of redness.
- Pores tightening! *my pores are smaller now yayy~*
- brighten up skin tone
- not sticky nor greasy!
- easy to apply
- absorbed into the skin fast!
- fragrance FREE!
- suits all skin type including sensitive skin!

- not very moisturizing... I do use a hydrating moisturizer after using this.
- comes without a spatula! TSK! As I have mentioned before, I hate dipping my fingers in to dip out the cream! TSK TSK!

P.S: I don't have any wrinkles so I can't evaluate the "anti-wrinkle" claim. :x

By the way, I experienced a mild breakout when I first started using this cream however, I did not stop using it because I believe it's repairing my skin — pushing out all the gunk, that has been stuck deep down in the skin, to the surface. This last for about 2-3 weeks and yup, my patience paid off.~ 

That being said, keep in mind that...Anytime you start using a new product, do use it for a month before you make the final conclusion. Your skin needs time(est. 2-4 weeks) to get adapt to new products, routines or regimen. Don't expect drastic changes overnight.

On a side note, remember to do a small patch test before slapping the cream onto your face especially if you are using some other brand products in the same routine. I suffered from a skin reaction when I used this with Etude House AC Clinic Red Spot Balm and so I concluded both products can't be use in the same routine probably because of the ingredients. eg: Ingredient A + Ingredient B = Skin Reaction...? lol. 
(PS: Our skin are different so probably this would not happen to you.)

so and so..., I stopped using AC Clinic Red Spot Balm even though it does works well to lighten post acne hyperpigmentation/scars because I find the snail cream works even better. After all, snail secretion extract does have a lot of good benefits for the skin~ Wanna know more about snail secretion extract? GOOGLE! Yes, GOOGLE is your best friend. Lol. :D
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  1. do you think its advisable to use this with hada labo SHA lotion?

    1. Sorry for the late reply… :x

      From my experience, I didn't get any skin reaction using this snail cream with hada labo SHA lotion and milk lotion. On a side note, do keep in mind that our skin reacts differently to products so I would recommend you to do a small patch test first. :)

  2. I also used it about a year ago, it's amazing.

  3. I also will try this cream after i finish my missha cell renew snail cream.. can't wait..

    I bought some, so if you from indonesia and want to buy this mizon all in one snail cream. I have it in my stock.

    Thank You

  4. May i know where to buy this from?

  5. i have a lots of scars on my legs, can i use this cream?

    1. Try Hiruscar Gel instead! It's a non-oily gel that reduces the appearance of scars~ :)

  6. How long did it take until you saw results? Did you use this during morning and night? Thank you for posting this ! (:

    1. Sorry for the extremely late reply... ><

      I used it in the day and at night. I couldn't remember how long it takes to see result... I'm sorry for not being able to help you... ><

  7. between Hiruscar Gel and this Snail Cream, which one you think is better for post-acne scars?

    1. Sorry for the late reply... ><

      I prefer Hiruscar PostAcne Gel~

      Hope this helps. :)

  8. What kind of skin reaction did you get when you used the two together? I'm not using Etude House AC Clinic Red Spot Balm but my whole face broke out a couple days after starting the Mizon cream along with other Korean products. Probably should have done a patch test but I was too excited to try all my new stuff orz

    1. I got some sort of red itchy patches. I did get mild purging when I started using this mizon cream and it lasted for about 2-3 weeks. I'm not sure if what I went through was similar to yours... but if it's still causing you to breakout badly, stop using it.

      Hope this helps. :)

    2. hi! i just purchased this mizon all in one cream and i get mild breakout around my tzone and my forehead. i dont know if it's purging or a sign that this cream is not work out to my skin. do you also feel that itchiness when u were using wash off mask?

  9. Can a 16yr old use this?thanx!


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