Saturday, August 25, 2012

"My Acne Story" Page is UP!

Battling with bad acne? 
Nothing works for you? 
Feeling depressed? 
Losing hope?

Don't worry, BE HAPPY! :D

I used to have bad acne. Yes, a really bad one for approximately about 3 years.

I experienced before and I understand how it feels like to have bad acne. -.-

Acne sufferers, DON'T NEVER GIVE UP! If I can overcome it, I'm sure you can too!
My acne probably not the WORST in the world however to me, it's PRETTY BAD. :(

Wanna know more about it? 
Check out "MY ACNE STORY" Page in the navigation bar to find out more about my experience with ACNE.

And sorry if I made any grammar mistakes... :x


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