Saturday, August 04, 2012

Iphone Application — "FairyWoods Patisserie"


Anyone here plays "FairyWoods Patisserie"?
I downloaded and started playing this when it first came out. Basically, this game is similar to Pucca's Restaurant(link). Those who played Pucca's Restaurant should have heard of FairyWoods Patisserie since they are under the same developer — "Mobcrete".

Comparing FairyWoods Patisserie with Pucca's Restaurant, the major difference is the "Theme". You probably can guess the theme for Pucca's Restaurant by looking at the name — "PUCCA". Clear-cut! Lol. As for FairyWoods Patisserie, it's FAIRYTALES THEMED RESTAURANT GAME! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees~ :D

FairyWoods Patisserie consists of well-known Fairytales such as:
- Three Bear
- Three Little Pigs
- Alice In Wonderland
- Hansel and Gretel
- Little Mermaid
- Cinderella
- Aladdin
- Peter Pan

Another difference I noticed between the two restaurants is the Dish Mastery EXP(%) gained from cooking the dishes. In Pucca's Restaurant, I can mastered the '1 hour' dish in 1-2 days whereas in FairyWoods Patisserie, I took weeks to master the '1 hour' dish. Sometimes, I get really pissed with that. The Dish Mastery EXP(%) bar increases like a snail!! TSK! (-__-)

Well, I think this game really trains my patience in working my way up the ladder to get a 5-star restaurant. Lol. (¬_¬)

Here's a screenshot of my lovely restaurant~
Can you spot Alice, the white rabbit and the pocket-watch from "Alice in Wonderland"?

The white rabbit is one of the "special customers"(character bonus) and just like the story of "Alice in Wonderland", it has a pocket-watch~! :P For those who played this game, did you observe the rabbit reaction when you tap it to collect the character bonus? I find it's reaction pretty cute! HAHAHA!

Figurine (not completed)
I like the White Rabbit and Big Bad Wolf, how about you?

Mastery (completed)

For the golden eggs, I have yet to unlock most of them(hidden items) because I don't want to spend money to buy the background. :x
TIP: To unlock the golden eggs for the background thingy, you have to find the "hidden items". First, you have to purchase and apply the background. Then tap everywhere in the background till you find the items. :)

Besides that, I have also yet to unlock the golden eggs of 6 Hot Drink, 6 Cold Drink, 6 Cupcake and 6 Jelly and Pudding recipes mastery.
Tip: Buy the "Magical Fridge", which costs 50 Candies, to prevent food spoilage. :)

I personally like the theme for FairyWoods Patisserie more than Pucca's Restaurant. *Awwws, MY CHILDHOOD MEMORIES~~~~~♪ * (=w=)

How about you?
Which Restaurant theme do you prefer, Pucca's or Fairywoods? (・ω・)
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  1. i play this game too, i agree with you this game absolutely waking my childhood

  2. stuck at the finding hidden items T^T...can u help me??? my game center id: jesselynloh

  3. Hey i couldn't find my game center friends. Can you help me? Thanks in advance :)
    id: Fleurosa

  4. When does food spoilage happen? I've left mine for a day and it hasn't happened to me yet.. Also, please add me naaila17.


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