Friday, August 24, 2012

Coming Soon: GIVEAWAY #1~(Sneak Preview)

DISCLAIMER: All giveaway items shown in this blog are purchased using my own money. I was not paid by any companies nor have any affiliation with any of the brand mentioned in here.

My very first giveaway event and... Don't worry, all giveaway items are BRAND NEW! I'm not that black-hearted to give used items. ( ̄ε ̄;) lol. So..., these are some of my favorite products that I had reviewed before and I thought maybe I should share some with you guys by giving them away~~~ I specially selected these items for giveaway that suit both male and female. yay~ :D

Sneak preview on the giveaway items:
*Only 1 Lucky Winner will be selected.* :)
P/S: I will do an international giveaway in the future.

There isn't any Innisfree outlet in Singapore therefore, I chose the Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask and Toner as part of my giveaway items~ Those who are interested in them but don't know where to get it in SG, here's your chance to win them for free! :D
[Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask Review: click here]

As for Etude House AC Clinic Red Spot Balm Kit, this is my favorite product to lighten acne pigmentation marks! I believe all of us suffered from acne and pimples at some stage in our life and right after the acne/pimples healed, there will be nasty marks left by the acne/pimples on your face as "souvenir" for you to remember it's existence.(Nightmareeee~...!) Tsk! If you have post-acne marks, try this balm! It does speed up the process of marks healing~! Here's your chance to win them for free together with the Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Set.
P.S: I bought the old packaging Red Spot Balm because the new packaging(AC Clinic Intense) doesn't have the "whitening" label so I don't know if it is made up of the same formula. Just in case, I bought the one that I personally tried it before. :)
[Red Spot Balm Review: click here]

Giveaway #1 Event will 
start on 1st September 2012, SGT 12:00AM
end on 30th September 2012, SGT 11:59PM.

For more information on how to win, stay tuned for the update on 1st September 2012. :D XOXO~


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