Saturday, March 17, 2012

Review: Etude House AC Clinic Pink Daily Spot


Etude House AC Clinic Pink Daily Spot (5ml)
Description: Formulated with Sulfer Powder(antibiotic), Salicylic acid and Hinoki Cypress extract. AC Clinic Pink Daily Spot absorbs into skin to soothe, heal and brighten blemishes during the day without powdery residue. Non-Comedogenic & Dermatologist Tested.

Directions: Apply small amount to acne irritation to soothe and alleviate.
Targets: Troubled skin

I got this smaller version of Pink Daily Spot from the AC Clinic Red Spot Balm Kit. So, here's my review~

I believe this is the morning version of Pink Powder Spot + extreme. Anyway, Pink Daily Spot can be use both on the Day & Night and I assume it's not as strong as Pink Powder Spot + extreme.

Somehow, I don't think this spot treatment helps my acne at all. Maybe this is not strong enough for me. P.S, I have really stubborn acne. :/

I prefer the Pink Powder Spot + extreme more than this because I've noticed a difference on the size of my zit after using Pink Powder Spot + extreme whereas, no result was seen after using the Pink Daily Spot. The zit developed into a pustule instead of reducing after using the Pink Daily Spot. :/ As I have said, maybe this is not strong enough for me and I need a stronger spot treatment just like the Pink Powder Spot + extreme.

Consistency & Color:
It has a runny and watery consistency and is in beige-y color(due to the powder) but when I massaged it into my skin, it turned from beige-y to nearly whit-ish to colorless. However, the area that I massaged it on looks slightly paler/whiter than my own skin tone. I think the ingredient of the powder does leaves a light white-ish layer to brighten the zits(?)

Smell of Sulfer powder???

- It's Non-comedogenic!

- Does not help my acne problems
- Area that I applied this treatment looks slightly paler/whiter... :/

Rating: 1/5
In conclusion, I will not buy the full version of this. It might work for other people though...but definitely not for me. (=_=) For those who have stubborn and monster acnes(referring to papules and pustules) like me, I would recommend you the Pink Powder Spot + extreme instead of this. That definitely kills zits way faster because it is formulated with an "extreme" formula. :)

On a side note, our skin react differently to different products. So this doesn't mean that Pink Daily Spot will not work out great for other people. What is horrible for one person might be great for another. So best advice is to try it yourself and see if it works for you. :)


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