Friday, March 16, 2012

Review: Etude House Missing U, Bee Happy Hand Cream


Etude House Missing U, Bee Happy Hand Cream 30ml
Awws, aren't they adorable?

Honestly, I don't use hand cream at all...but I still bought them anyways~~~ because they are TOO ADORABLEEEE!♥ヾ(^▽^)ノ I have an urge to collect all of them~ It comes with 4 different designs and 4 different scents.
#1. Honey Bee - (Scent of Acacia): It smells like "Tea"(green tea?) to me.
#2. Queen Bee - (Scent of Rose): Floral scent
#3. Ladybug - (Scent of Chestnut Blossom): Can't explain the smell of this...
#4. Baby Bee(Larva?) - (Scent of Citrus Baby Powder): Citrus-y baby powder scent.

Description printed on the box

- leaves hands feeling moisturized
- absorbs easily into the skin without feeling greasy
- nice fragrance
- beautiful and cute packaging
- small & handy

- Contains 30ml of cream only... not very much...(-.-)
- It's quite unhygienic to dip my fingers into the pot to get the cream. :/
- It's hard to get the cream out. It's consistency is thicker(like a "balm") than the first 'Missing U!' product line...
Comparing the size with an Apple Ipod Classic

I personally like all the four designs Etude House have for this line but when it comes to fragrance, I like the Queen Bee most, followed by the Honey Bee, LadyBug and Baby Bee. :) I'm not a hand cream person but since I've already bought the hand creams, to prevent spoilage and wastage, I added them into my daily routine. I use them every single night before heading to bed and I carry the Honey Bee in my bag wherever I go so I can keep my hands hydrated by applying the cream whenever they feel dry. :)

These hand creams are a good gift choice~! Last Christmas, I gave the LadyBug as a gift for my mom and I gave the Honey Bee as a gift during one of the X'mas exchange gift session held by my ex-school classmates/friends. Months later, I went back to the store and bought the Queen Bee. Just recently, I bought another Honey Bee(shown in the picture) for myself and another Queen Bee as a gift for my aunt. :D

Are you looking for a simple hand moisturizer or a gift for your friends or love ones? This is it! It's moisturizes well in addition, it's small, handy and adorable! Besides that, once you finished the cream, you can re-use the container to store other cream/lotion or whatever small items that you can fit it into the container. Also, you can use it as an ornament for your room! Heh~(・ω・) 


  1. where did you get yours? :D

  2. comprenla en pero solo es en mexico

  3. i can't find it it is all sold out :(


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