Wednesday, March 14, 2012

2012 January-March Favorites


Finally...I got back my Macbook Pro from the service center. So here I am updating my blog. :)

I have quite a number of stuff I want to update about... I will post it one by one. As for today, I will continue my "monthly favorites" write-up. It's been awhile since I last do a "favorites" post. The last one I wrote was on November 2011..... Taking a shortcut~, I will skipped December favorites since I don't really have any favorites on that month. Moreover, I don't want to cling on to anything related to Year 2011. It's a past. That being said, I will just start from the new year 2012 "January - March favorites". Yeah, I will just compile 3-months favorites together in 1 post. (・ω・) 

♥------- January - March Favorites -------♥

Etude House AC Clinic Line
- AC Clinic Foam Cleanser: cleanse well without aggravating acne
- AC Clinic Toner  (strike-out): somehow it's too drying for me :/
- AC Clinic Gel Lotion: lightweight moisturizer
- AC Clinic Red Spot Balm: lighten post acne hyperpigmentation!
- AC Clinic Pink Powder Spot: kills pimple effectively!

I remember I did a review[link] on the Cleanser and Pink Powder Spot. FYI, I am currently still using both the cleanser and Pink Powder Spot. In fact, I added in other products from the AC Clinic line. They are my HOLY GRAIL items! :D Will do a proper review on this line in the future.

Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner (Toner)
Description on the box: This product is a total solution for pore care, preventing enlarged pores, less firmer skin and skin troubles by eliminating what hurts skin health from within.
I mentioned about this in my "2012 February Haul" [link]~ I replaced the AC Clinic toner with this because this is less drying as compared to the AC Clinic toner. It's more moisturizing than drying~ Loving the pump dispenser!♥

The Face Shop Blackhead EX Charcoal Pore Strip
Another HOLY GRAIL product~ Best & effective Pore Strip I ever used in my entire life. Check out my review here - [link]

Skinfood Tomato Whitening Spot Serum
I used this serum to lighten the pigmentation scars on my left arm which I got it from previous gross infection[link]. It does helps to lighten pigmentation scars however it takes time to notice the improvement. Read my review here - [link]

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask
I used this once a week to deep cleanse my pores. Love this mask~ Review here - [link]

That's all my favorites for the past 2 months and ½ of this month(?). \m/ 


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