Friday, February 03, 2012

Happy CNY + 'AWAY' message


Hello there~

Well, I'm here to wish everyone a very HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! Ooops, I'm late... 11 days late huh~... *apologize* But anyway, may the Year of the Dragon bring you prosperity, good health and success! Yeah yeah, GONG XI FA CAI! HUAT ar!~ ;D

I won't be blogging or replying to comments for the time being because my mac just died on me 2 days ago. I have to send it down to the HQ for repair which probably I will send it on this coming Sunday. Meanwhile, I will just leave this blog to rot for maybe a week or two. You guys can continue keep the comments coming cos I still read them via e-mail notification but I can't reply... I will reply to all of them once I get my computer back.

For those who have leave a comment but I have yet to reply, pleaseeeeeeeeeeee give me some time alright? I will surely reply once I get my computer back. Sorry! (;__;)

So goodbye until then.


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