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I haven't send my mac for repair... (x.x) but I have the urge to update my blog so I digged out my old window laptop(which I didn't touch it for months) and am currently using it to make my blog alive~ Well, it's uber lag especially if it comes to animation/flash program or website. It will hang. arghhh... that's the reason why I didn't use it anymore. LOL~

I have been investing on Korean Skin Care products for the past few months and I can't seem to stop buying them~ I am sold to the packaging and effectiveness of the products. :P

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam
Etude House Be Clear Moisturizer
Etude House Missing U, Bee Happy Hand Cream 
Etude House Pure Joy Restorative Cream

Once again, I helped my brother to get Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam. He stays in the hostel during weekdays and comes home to stay only on the weekends. He doesn't want to bring the cleansing foam around, from hostel to home and from home to hostel. So he wants to get another tube. It is a good cleanser but I won't rave about it since I have already did a review on this.

The reason why I bought the Be Clear Moisturizer was because of the SPF. It contains SPF 30 PA++ and has a whitening effect. Great product for the day time. ;D

As for the Pure Joy Restorative Cream, it has a 7-free formula --- Void of Paraben, Benzophenone, Ethanol, Synthetic Perfumes, Synthetic Dyes, Mineral Oils and Genetically Modified ingredients and is a cream for sensitive skin. My friend introduced this to me when I told her the area of my chin and jawline are prone to dryness and quite sensitive to strong ingredients. She has sensitive skin and this works great for her so I bought this to try it out but I have yet to use it since I am quite satisfied with my current daily skin care products. I would only use this when my skin felt dry and itchy.

Missing U, Bee Happy hand cream~ Yes, I bought the hand cream again. I bought the 'Honey Bee' and 'LadyBug' hand cream in December 2011 as Christmas gifts. I personally like all the four designs that Etude House have for this line but when it comes to fragrance, I like the 'Honey Bee' and 'Queen Bee' most. Initially, I want to get both the 'Honey Bee' & 'Queen Bee' for myself however 'Honey Bee' ran out of stock so I only bought the 'Queen Bee'. I use this almost every single night before heading to bed. It absorbs easily and leaves hands feeling moisturized without feeling greasy. I love the design however I dislike dipping my fingers into the pot to get the cream. It's quite unhygienic... Whenever I want to use it, I make sure that I washed my hands before dipping my fingers into the pot...

I have been using the Etude House AC Clinic Acne Foam Cleanser and Pink Powder Spot + extreme for more than a month now. I am satisfied with the products so I decided to try some other products in this line. I actually wanted to get the Innisfree Volcanic Pore Toner but after some thoughts, I decided to put that toner in the wishlist and try the AC one first.

I tried the AC Clinic toner once and it dries out my skin! I have said that some areas of my face are prone to dryness and are sensitive. I didn't know that this toner contains ALCOHOL which probably the reason why my skin became dry after using it. Anyway, I stopped using it already and probably will sell this away to my friend if she's interested.

I have yet to try the AC Clinic Gel Lotion because it contains ALCOHOL too. (-.-)

Got the AC Clinic Red Spot Balm + whitening kit and I am happy that it comes with a small version AC Clinic Pink Daily Spot(5 ml). I have been wanting to try this too. I believe it is the morning version of Pink Powder Spot + extreme. Pink Powder Spot + extreme is a night spot treatment while Pink Daily Spot is both Day & Night spot treatment and I think Pink Daily Spot is not as strong as Pink Powder Spot.

So..., AC Clinic Red Spot Balm... I have used up the small jar(5 ml) of Red Spot Balm which comes with the Pink Powder Spot + extreme kit. It does helps to lighten the redness of the post-acne marks but it's just lighten..., not fade totally. Well, I only have used up a mini jar(5 ml) so I can't really judge and give the exact rate of effectiveness. Since I have seen some results using the mini jar so, I bought the full version. Hopefully it does helps to totally get rid of hyperpigmentation marks. Will update more about this in the future.

Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner description on the box: This product is a total solution for pore care, preventing enlarged pores, less firmer skin and skin troubles by eliminating what hurts skin health from within.

This is a toner and it can also be used as a facial mist. You can pour it into a spray bottle and use it when there is too much sebum or you have an itchy feeling. Yes, it's a TWO-WAY product! What I loved about is the 7-in-1 Total Pore Solution. I use this as a toner at night and this contains alcohol too. Unlike the AC Clinic toner, this does not dries up my skin. It is definitely more moisturizing than drying~ :)

The best part of this product is the PUMP DISPENSER!
It's so convenient and easy to use with the pump dispenser~~~ Just get a cotton pad, place it on the pump dispenser and press 1-3 pumps. and...TA-DAHHHH~! You can swipe the cotton pad on your face without having to fuss with pouring the toner out on the cotton pad. This bottle can lasts for really long I believe... it's 500ml! <3

The Face Shop Black Head EX Charcoal Pore Strip comes in a box of 7 sheets. I used it last night and I must say..., this is 100% way MORE EFFECTIVE than the Biore Pore Strip! Awesome product! Will write a review about this soon.

Besides Skin Care Products, I bought nail polish too~
Essie's Cute As A Button & China Glaze's Matte Magic Top Coat.

I'm done with my February Haul! (^^)
Coming up next: Review on some products.


  1. For the wonder pore freshner toner, do you still use this product from time to time? Is it still very helpful? I bought it on a whim, but I'm a bit scared that it'll break me out and I've managed to bring my acne down >.<

    1. I don't use this product anymore and sorry...I don't quite remember how good this product was but from my memory, it did not break me out or cause any irritation. :)

    2. Thanks so much! :)


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