Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Review: My Beauty Diary Mask & Mini Haul


I've recently added 'facial sheet mask' into my skincare routine and I love it so muchhhh!~ So hearing that Strawberry and Yogurt are great for acne-prone skin, I bought a box of MBD Strawberry Yogurt Mask(10 pieces) a few weeks ago to try it out.
Description: Whitens and refines skin and control excessive sebum secretion. Natural strawberry extract contains AHA, minerals and enzyme to leave skin clean, fair and fresh. Yogurt extract balances sebum secretion and tightens pores. Arbutin leaves skin luminous. It also helps enhance skin's moisture level.

Suitable for: normal and combination skin. (I think it suits oily skin too!)

Country of Origin: Taiwan

- mask is extremely moist; well absorbed & soaked with essence
- smells great
- moisturizes
- smooth skin
- reduces redness
- bring white heads to surface. Few days later, the white heads will drop out on their own~
- reduces the size and swelling of my zits
- helps control shine and oiliness
- not sticky

- mask fits pretty much perfectly on my face but only the part above my lips was too big
- temporary brightening effect...
** Beware of fake MBD mask! Here's a site that tells you more on how to spot and differentiate fake and real MBD mask: click

I got this mask hoping that it would help deal with my sudden breakouts and I personally thinks it does! I have moderate acnes(whiteheads, blackheads, papules and pustules). Currently, I left with lot of blackheads on my nose, a few whiteheads, 1-2 papules on my face. and and and..., lots of hyper-pigmentation spots/scars on my cheeks! P.S.: My skin isn't perfect... (ㅠ_ㅠ)

I only have used the mask twice and I personally thinks it works great to help my skin. It reduces the swelling and clears up some of the stubborn zits. It also lighten the redness. My face felt sticky after I removed the mask, but after my skin completely absorb the essence, the stickiness was gone. Highly Recommended! Well, it has become my holy grail mask! (^ー^)

Rating:  (4/5)

I also bought other MBD masks like Black Pearl, Pearl Powder, Bulgarian White Rose, Apple Polyphenol, Bird Nest, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Mixed Berry and Q10 Rejuvenating.
Can't wait to try the Black Pearl, Pearl Powder, Bulgarian White Rose and Apple Polyphenol mask~ Ermmm, the rest of the masks belong to my mom~ She gained an interest in MBD mask after she saw the result it gave to my skin. She thought maybe she should get some for herself too so I suggested to help her to buy the masks. Will post up the review after using the other MBD masks.

By the way, I really wanna get the Aloe Sheet Mask however, it's out of stock. I shall wait for the restock~ ( ̄3 ̄)
 Fall in love with this watch at first sight. Oh my gawddd(♥_♥) 


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