Friday, September 16, 2011



School assignments were piling up like a mountain for the past few weeks... I was rushing through all those works, trying to finish them before receiving new assignments from the lecturer and in order to finish on time, I have to burn midnight oil! *cried*

I even gave up my weekends on mugging the homework! OMG. Seriously, I have no "play-time" kayyy... (ㅠ_ㅠ) But of course, I'VE SURVIVED! Finally, today is the last day of school~ Next week gonna be tutorial week which means there will be no school for a week! *short break* However, I need to spend the week to prepare for my theory test which falls on the week after next~ But still, I'm HAPPY because I do not have to wake at 5am for a week! YAY~!

Okay anyway, for the past 2 days, there was a mini book-fair going on in school selling mainly some design books and storybooks. So as I'm a student studying in 'that school', I received 25% discount for EACH book! I MUST SAY... IT'S A STEAL!

(Original price: SGD$37.34, Discounted price: $28)

(Original price: SGD$37.34, Discounted price: $28)

(Original price for each book: *i don't know*, Price paid: 'TORMENT' costs SGD$1 and 'SECOND CHANCES' costs SGD$5)

I can't believe that I paid SGD$6 for 2 storybooks! Normally if I buy a storybook from the bookstore, the cheapest costs AT LEAST SGD$18++ each. See the difference!? Like omggg~ A STEAL, SERIOUSLY! *laughs nervously*

I do wish they could bring in the Manga Volume 1 and 3. But sadly, they only have Volume 2 and 4. Lol. Perhaps I should visit their store on my own someday........

Oops, skyping with classmates at the moment. So yups, this is 'A' signing out!~


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