Friday, August 05, 2011



My very first week of school! It's great! I've started to like my school more and more... and yea, met awesome people/friends! :D

But arghhh, money-sucker school isn't great okay...! (=_=) Materials cost a BOMB! Gosh. Been visiting Art-Friend(definitely NOT my friend -.-) during break time and after school. Each time I went there, I left the place with heart-pain feeling. *laughs nervously* The art materials are REALLY EXPENSIVE! Yea yea, it's all because of the brand -- COPIC, DALER ROWNEY etc. (-_-;) I am thinking whether to buy the COPIC color marker set of 36...Price: SGD$209.xx. EXPENSIVE RIGHT!? LOL. The set of 72 's price more scarier!, SGD$414.xx. *Heart-attack*  Okay anyway, I believe I will need it in the future... Gonna start SAVING MONEY! Lol.
P/S: "xx" represents cents. I don't remember the cent part... lols. 

I got assignments for this week. Seriously sucks! Other schools first week of school very slack-ing, relaxing. My school totally different. (-_-) Anyway, the following are my assignments for this week:

For design element:
- 3 pointillism and 3 linear drawings on any 3 human body parts, using fineliners.

For photography:
- Collect 8 photos(different category: underwater, nature, micro, night-out etc.) from either magazines, newspaper, print from computer or whatever resources...

For Drawing Composition:
- (4x) A4 line variations (1 paper 12 boxes x 4pcs of A4 paper = total 48 different kinds of line 'diagram'?)
- (6x) line variations on a single object

I wrote my assignments here so that I will constantly being reminded to do my work... I'm afraid I will forget my assignments. HAHA. Tends to forget things easily, especially school stuff~ Alright, gonna head off to start doing my assignments. Update soooon.(:


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