Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Things I like/got in August = August's Favorites?


I've been neglecting my blog ever since I started school~ heheheee... (`_´)ゞ

Oh well, currently rushing on my final work for Design Element... [...] I'm taking a break now. *laughs nervously* So here I am..., blogging~ (=w=)/

By the way, I got my favorite Coach wristlet the other day! Woooo, I loveeee this color!(^ω^)~
Wanted the wallet too but it's out of stock. Not my luck. *tears*

Oh and..., I got a 15-inch MacBook Pro too! *Double happiness ^_^*
This laptop is mainly for school use though... That being said, I will still stuck on using my shabby Lenovo lappy for most of the time. -__- Anyway, I'M NOT USED TO MACBOOK YET! It's totally different from window computer. Argh... D:

Craps, okaaaay, moving on... [...]

I grabbed a new lipstick from the drugstore weeks ago and it's from Revlon ColorBurst — "070 Soft Nude".
I never had any nude shade lipsticks nor lip-glosses before. Therefore, I wanna try wearing nude color. And I must say..., I REALLY REALLY LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEEEE THIS COLOR! On the con side, it seems to dry out my lips a little after wearing it for a long day... Other than that, everything is fine, nothing unbearable. :D

Ooops, it's getting late... I have school tomorrow so I guess I shall stop here. Bye peeps. (´・з・)ノ


  1. drugstore is actually pharmacy. lol. you used a wrong word! hahaha.

  2. To Kamiyah Kimmy:

    Yups, drugstore = pharmacy. However, it sell not only medicines, but also miscellaneous items such as magazines, candy, cosmetics, as well as light refreshments. I'm referring to drugstore lipstick so I'm using the right word.(:


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