Tuesday, August 02, 2011

First day of school


Well, I just started my first day of school yesterday and it was pretty boring...(-_-) Got assignments on first day of school...SUCKS! (-__-) Have to select any 3 human body parts and sketch 3 pointillism and 3 linear drawings. Due next Monday.

Initially, I don't know how to draw pointillism drawing but I sort of get the techniques after some self-practicing. Hopefully, I did the drawings correctly. Oh yeaa, I've completed my assignments this morning and today, there's no school for me! *HURRAY*

But tomorrow's class will start early and end super late, 9am-8.30pm(5-hours of slacking in between...)....... By the time I reached home, it will be like around 9.30pm? An hour traveling, SUCKS! I HATE Wednesday timetable! D: Luckily, my class on Thursday starts on 12pm. Otherwise, I will definitely late for class! (-_-)

K. Done updating. Bye~


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