Tuesday, July 05, 2011

National Day Parade (Preview)


I have been heading out almost every single day. (`_´)ゞ Vacation is ending soon hence, I going to enjoy myself as much as possible! After the vacation = Back-to-school~ Awws, mugging life. (ㅠ_ㅠ)

Okay so... My brother was being such a kind soul to give me 2 admission tickets to the National Day Parade(NDP) 2011 Preview. So last Saturday, I went to the event together with my friend, Shelin.~ She is actually my aunt but we treat each other more like a friend than a relative. :D She is AWESOME!

Anyway, Shelin and I already had plans on Saturday. We decided to meet up and go to some designer bags sales and it was just so coincidence that the sales venue was near the event venue. Therefore, we decided to attend the event after our shopping since the event starts only in the evening.

Well, I'll let the photos do the talk for now.

I didn't took a lot of photos because I was busy recording.*laughs* Oh yea, I recorded the amazing fireworks! I wanna upload it here unfortunately, the internet is being a snail at the moment. Damn slow! I guess I should upload the video next time..., if there is a chance...~ (≥ 3 ≤)

That being said, please stay tuned for it. *laughs nervously*


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