Friday, July 01, 2011

June Favorites!


The month of June has ended and the month of July has just started. Sigh, my vacation is ending in about 3 weeks time. Awws~ ):

Anyway, let's get back to topic — (oh yeaaa)  June Favorites!(^ω^)

I actually wanted this post to be up before July. However, I was ill therefore I don't have the mood to update my blog. You know that the FLU is such a bitch. 凸(`з´) *oops, bad word* (`_´)ゞ 


So, I will start of with fragrance — Perfume: Lanvin Éclat D'Arpège
I absolutely LOVE this perfume! I wear this every time I go out and the fragrance last all day. After shower, I went to bed and woke up, the perfume scent still lingered on me. It lasts an incredible long time. I'm not good at describing scent...but I guess to me, it has a soft and light floral scent and I LOVE the beautiful fragrance!~♥ By the way, I bought it at a really cheap much lesser than the initial $100+ price tag. *laughs nervously* So I will definitely re-purchase it again.

Next, make-up brushes from Ecotools...
These brushes are amazing! They are super soft without the irritation of too-stiff bristles or animal hair allergies and they don't shed. Good quality and CHEAP! Loveeee Ecotools brushes!(^−^)

Moving on to...Face product: Mineral Finishing Powder from Kevin BeautyMaker.

This mineral finishing powder is completely sheer and ideal for all skin tones. Fragrance, preservative, oil-free. It absorbs oil and minimizes the appearance of lines and pores. Available in 3 shades: #01 Fair, #02 Natural, #03 Tan. Both a brush and puff are included.

I bought it in #02 Natural from an online shopping site. Initially, I was afraid that the shade I chose would be quite dark because normally natural shade looks dark on me. However, it isn't as dark as what I've thought. In fact, the shade is lighter than what I've expected and it matches well with my skin color giving me a natural look. It doesn't clog my pores and make me breakout either. Awesome-ness!~

Next, Eyes product: Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner...
I did a review on this the other time ya...? Revlon ColorStay eyeliner is an awesome pencil liner. It glides on smoothly, doesn't smudge or smear and it does last all day. Probably the best out of all the ones I have used.

Last product I gonna talk about... LIP-GLOSS! from Bourjois, Effet 3D - #20 Rose Symphonic.
A glamorous and shimmery pink gloss~ At first sight it seemed too glittery and sparkly, but when I tried it on, it was perfect. Gorgeous color! This is my first Bourjois lip gloss and I really like it so far. Well, I personally don't really like flavored lip gloss but I'm fine with this Bourjois gloss. Might re-purchase it again.

So yea, that's my short and sweet June Favorites! Hope you guys like it. (^ー^)


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